• May 12th update details!
    by Zazaaji May 11
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    Member Quavindix has kindly given us a nice summary of what to expect in the May 12th update. Read about it in his thread here: http://bless-source.com/forum/index.php/Thread/13447-About-pendonium-updates-infos

  • Bless Interview translated!
    by Zazaaji May 4
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    Forum goer OhmyBless has translated a nice amount of the recent interview about Bless upcoming changes/additions: http://bless-source.com/forum/index.php/Thread/13428-Bless-online-Interview-brief-translation/   Some of the more notable things include more details about Mystics and Warlocks, Arena battles, and Capital Seige overhaul. Be sure to read his thread and give it a like.   The original interview is found here: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=155927&site=bless

  • Q/A with Senior Product Lead Chris
    by Editor April 21
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    We had the pleasure to hold an AMA on our Bless Subreddit with Senior Product Lead Chris. You can find most Questions and Answers below. Q: All your games are Pay-to-win for about a decade now, what can you say to ensure us that BLESS will make a difference and not take the same wrong road ? A: I understand your and the other´s concerns. What´s happened in the past is difficult to change but I am not here to give empty promises, I think that Echo of Soul, Goal One and Dawn of Gods are good examples on how […]

  • Aeria Games to publish Bless in NA and Europe
    by Editor April 19
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    The Korean fantasy MMORPG finally found a Publisher for the western market. Aeria Games will publish Bless Online in North America and Europe. Although there are no more information yet, this is a great news for the western Community. If you have questions about the game make sure to visit our Forums.   Source