• nireyes25
    2AM and im tired as fuck, For anyone who had problem with the RU patch to find the install directory, Please delete the folder "c:\ProgramData\ProjectRevive" and download the patch again from the first page!
  • navyan
    hi all :)
  • nireyes25
    Bug fixes and minor stuff translations for both KR (V1.2.2) and RU (V1.0.5).
  • shinta
  • nireyes25
    only visa
  • nireyes25
    @Furia nope
  • Furia
    any way to buy the russian foudner pack via paypal
  • nireyes25
    Project Revive RU Has been released (V1.0.1), You can patch your game if you have it installed.
  • nireyes25
    All Guardian skills are now fully translated (V1.2.0) ---> All skills are fully translated!
  • Puremystic
    just saw steparu's updated monster stadium video and um.... why does he get different bosses than my mage??? he never had to fight that op mage lady with the glowing orbs
  • nireyes25
    Yeah their launcher is like a turrent shit that ruins the download speed lol
  • Furia
    takes 100% upload but the downloadspeed is like 10%
  • Furia
    this launcher rly
  • nireyes25
    @everyone All Berserker Skills are now fully translated (V1.1.8)
  • nireyes25
    Hope it will happen tomorrow
  • nireyes25
    RU download is available now, which means that I will finish translating the skills left (Guardian and Berserker) and will work on RU translation and Patcher
  • nireyes25
    Sure thing :)
  • tamberleigh
    Thank you for all your hard work, Nireyes!
  • nireyes25
    All Assassin Skills are now fully translated (V1.1.5)
  • nireyes25
    All Paladin Skills are now fully translated (V1.1.3)

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