• Moroi
    Is there any known reason for Iblis/Fedayin not being playable yet? I find this a bit puzzling as NPCs of these races can be found most anywhere.
  • Fey
    @'Ryxes Mystic on release?
  • Ryxes
    I wouldn't be so sure about a beta in March. The update KR was supposed to get on 13th and on which the NA/EU client will based is still not released on KR and no news when it will be.
  • Laufie
    @iknowkungfu The AH isn't exactly broken, 101xp turned it off indefinitely due to technical reasons. As of now there are no updates on it coming back since Dec. 26th, so unfortunately it's just unavailable.
  • iknowkungfu
    When are they gonna fix the Auction House in RU? ?(
  • Fey
    Expecting **
  • Fey
    They probably won't take that long tbh. Excepting a beta around ( March - April )
  • Asuus
    for my part i just hope they dont take to long to release the game
  • Nito
    What kept me thinking lately - Bless first outside publisher was/is ChangYou and their Beta should have been in 2015/2016 - yet.... no real info about it. Not that I really care about it that much - though it is strange.
  • Moroi
    Having the same problem as Xypherenc. No error messages or anything, launcher just shuts off.
  • Xypherenc
    Does anyone else have problem with the launcher? I press play but nothing seem to happen (VPN on and all).
  • tamberleigh
    Maybe I should have said "meh." For me, it wasn't a fun game. Doesn't mean other people didn't have fun with it, and I acknowledge that ... albeit reluctantly.
  • Kahn
    Echo of Soul is p2w with the buyable stones. I hate that.
  • Nito
    I lost it a little bit at "bleh...." xD .Anyway I know whiteknighting too much isn't good however Bless is one of those mmos which aren'T really tailored to be a major cash grab like AA. Though obviously you can take it to the extreme which we will see soon enough
  • tamberleigh
    Bleh, EoS.
  • sEEEEb
    Echo of Soul had a pretty fair cash shop made by Aeria, the problem was that the game was complete trash :D
  • Bylli
  • Crimerie
    If we are talking about macro looped forever to kill a mob again and again for few hours for sure as such is considered as boting
  • Xypherenc
    Maybe they see Bless as the chance to redeem themselves from, you know, past incidents.
  • Kahn
    Are you Feyanna from Echo of Soul? :rolleyes:

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