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  • Oh herro herro!
  • Heh, yup fellow furry. =^_^=
  • So an old Guild of mine & I decided we were going to do this low level Raid (ans we all dropped on to low level characters to accommodate the Raid). We filled up maybe 6 slots (out of 12, for a Raid) with Guildmates & we Pugged the rest to whomever. Before we opened it to anyone, we all assigned 'mental roles' to each other. (i.e. someone had tourettes, someone was mentally challenged, etc etc)
    The guy that was 'mentally challenged' we were sure was going to get banned because he used that as an excuse to talk dirty to the Pugged in women. The hilarious thing was, one woman seemed to go for it! So he talked about all kinds of stuff with her in Voice Chat & everyone was dying laughing.
    He ended up getting lucky & no one ever reported him because he played the role so well ... but we had never laughed so hard & so long in one Raid Night ever again than that.
    Due to this:…a/?postID=40619#post40619
    • I remember I had a guild leader who was tricked into giving an in game girlfried, who turned out to be a guy, all of his money and a number of high price in game items. When he found out it wasn't true, the ensuing drama was nothing short of hilarious for all of those looking from the outside in. Funny because you can't ever take anyone on the internet at face value, especially those claiming to be women.
    • HAHAHAHAAA That is awesomely hilarious! Yet very true.
  • You mentioned that you're playing on a "standard server." Are there different server types like pve/pvp/RP/etc? If so, what are the major differences in enforced rules between them?
    • Standard server is the regular non-rebuild game. I have too much time invested in it to abandon it until the English game comes out.