Does Anyone Have A Full List Of Emotes You Can Use In Bless Online?

  • I have tried searching online but I cant seem to find a NA Bless Online emote list. I tried like /cry but it would just go into the chat. Does anyone have a full list of emotes we can use?

  • Emotes that do work : /love , /sad , /laugh , /wave , /dance , /tease , /sleep ,

    Edit. /no , /thanks , /agree , /taunt , /rage , /salute , /show off , /shy , /confess, /strength

  • Bless Emotes list

    Agree - /agree

    Cry - /cry

    Dance -/dance

    Decline - /no

    Kneel - /confess

    Laugh - /laugh

    Love - /love

    Rage - /rage

    Salute - /salute

    Show off - /show

    Shy – /shy

    Taunt - /taunt

    Tired - /sleep

    Warm-Up - /strength

    Their are a few variations to some of these but these all work

  • Just a side note...

    Emotes that have multiple words separated by a space are actually only parsed by the first word.

    ie... the Shrug emote many people list as "/show off" works, when it's actually just "/show". The "off" portion is just not parsed and is cutoff. So you can just use "/show".

    Additionally, some emotes have multiple possibilities.

    ie.. the "Thank You" emote can be performed with both "/ty" and "/thanks".

  • Very nice thanks for sharing :)

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    Thanks a lot for sharing! Appreciate that.

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