• The NPCs of Bless Online
    by admin November 23
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    NPC’s of Bless In most MMOs there are NPC’s who gives you quest and items, but in Bless Online the NPC’s are kinda special. NPC’s are interacting with you and the world to make the world of Bless more realistic. The appearance of NPC’s are important in the game, especially the costumes. Costumes are not randomly chosen in Bless, the NPC’s costume depends on his environment, climate and culture. For example: There is a Westeuropean Village and based on the currently season the costumes are made in an romantic style. Average NPC’s in Bless   On the other side, there are NPC’s based on the european Rokoko and Renaissance […]

  • Bless is coming to Taiwan
    by admin November 15
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    One of the leading Publishers Gameflier singed a Contract with Neowiz, the Developer of Bless Online to bring the Game to the Taiwan Market. This is the first Step to bring Bless to the international market. There are still no information about a Publisher for the western market, but Neowiz already mentioned that there are plans to bring the game to Europe and America.

  • First Beta to start Q1 2014
    by admin November 14
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    The first Closed Beta for Bless has been finally announced. In the last finance report from Neowiz, the company is preparing for the first Closed Beta Test in the first quarter of 2014. The game will also go live in the same year for the korean market. For now, there are no information about the Publisher for the west, but we are sure that the first Beta for Bless should start in 2014 as well for the western market.

  • Welcome to Bless-Source
    by admin November 11
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    Welcome to our Fansite for the Action MMORPG Bless Online! Within the next weeks, we will update this website with new content, news and much more.