The Capital of the Aqua Elves

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After the fall of the Kingdom of the Elves, many exiles relocated to the southern part of the continent. There, they began to call themselves the Aqua Elves. Their land is located on an island, separated from the continent by a wide strait. The main objective of this nation to create a society based on the principles of free thought and progress. The Aqua Elves entered into an alliance of southern peoples which is known as The Union. Here, no one prevents them from living freely and thinking how they want.

Their capital city is El Lano which is the biggest one under Union’s Banner. The city is divided into two regions, one for the lower and another one for the upper-class elves.

Your journey starts as lower-class elf in the Shadow Square right below El Lano.
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Once you have proved yourself worthy you can finally enter El Lano.

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