• Bless Online OST
    by admin August 8
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    Composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer, the Original Soundtrack of Bless Online comes with 13 masterpieces that can be downloaded for free.  How important are good soundtracks for you in videogames? Download and listen to the full soundtrack here: Main Theme – Embers in the Storm Into the New World Against the Fate Dawn of the Empire Dune Warriors Eternal Flame Forest of Legends The Sea of Sadness The Sun will rise The Vow of Silence Tree of Life Bon Voyage We shall overcome Full Download: BLESS_Soundtrack

  • AeriaGames survey for Korean OBT players.
    by admin July 30
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      Larek (an official AeriaGames employee, whom’s avatar graces this article’s picture) has made a survey for anyone here that has played the Korean Open Beta version of Bless. View the thread and see the link to the survey here: http://bless-source.com/forum/index.php/Thread/13595-Survey-OBT-players-survey/ If you did participate in the Korean Open Beta, then I highly encourage you to do this survey and fill it out with your honest thoughts. It’ll help AeriaGames with feedback as to what NA/EU players liked/disliked about the game.

  • Bless Online Update (KR)
    by admin July 13
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      Today screenshots have revealed some of the new features that will be added in the future, including the new Mystic class and the Server Consolidation Exchange system as well as the new dungeon “Tomb of the Warrior”.       Mystics are able to temporarily summon spirits of various properties, harnessing the pure energy of nature. The spirits can attack, defend, heal, and offers balance in all things. Since they require a focus, each spirit can only do one thing at a time. In this way, Mystics require strategic judgement to know which spirit to summon and when.       […]

  • Up to date registration/installation/setup guide!
    by admin May 22
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    I thought this was made news a while back, but I was unable to find it if so. So possibly for the first time: Here is a link to Nito’s guide to get you in the game. You’ll likely find it much easier to follow and detailed than the previous Open Beta guide that was here. http://bless-source.com/forum/index.php/Thread/3196-Guide-Bless-Game-Step-by-Step-Guide/