• Four things you worry about, you shouldn’t worry about
    by admin January 29
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    The game looks outdated One of the most common comments we see on our social media channels is that Bless is “outdated”. Graphics-wise, the game is everything but outdated compared to other MMOs released in the past years. Bless has a more realistic graphics setting, so players that are looking for as much sparkle sparkle as in Black Desert for example, will probably be disappointed. In terms of gameplay, the game is oriented on classic MMOs with modern elements. So neither it’s graphics, nor its gameplay is outdated in any way. No action combat in 2018? The game will die! […]

  • First Trailer and Sceenshots for Bless Mobile
    by admin January 29
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    ThinkFun, a subsidiary company of Korean Mobile Game Developer Joycity released the first footage for the Mobile Version of Bless Online. Since Joycity usually releases their games on the western market too we can expect an English version as well. Bless Mobile will play in an alternate world and have a different story from the Original Title with high-quality graphics in Unreal Engine 4. There is no official Release Date now, but a Korean Beta should start later this year.

  • [Poll] Payment Model for Bless. F2P, B2P or Monthly Subscription?
    by admin December 28
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    Bless Online will be the 2nd PC game Neowiz is going to publish in the west. Their first game, the shooter Black Squad on Steam, has very good reviews, mostly because of its fair Cash Shop without any Pay2Win. In recent interviews and FAQs Neowiz said they want to avoid any Pay2Win elements to make sure the game does not give you any advantages for real money. Assuming the game will not be Pay2Win, which Model would be the best for the game in your opinion? The voting is over! Results: Free2Play with Premium Service and CashShop 1011 votes Buy2Play […]

  • The Japanese CashShop
    by admin December 18
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    Just like in Korea, Europe and North America, Neowiz publishes the game itself in Japan, so we can get a little insight into the CashShop Items that might be available in the English version. The old Korean cash shop was already pretty fair compared to what other F2P games offer but also had some items that helped you progress faster. They have been removed with the Rebuild Version of Bless though. Current CashShop Items Costumes Pet Costumes Mount Costumes   Other Items Experience Booster (+20% from hunting) Does not affect PvP experience Mount Experience Booster (+20%) Your mount levels while […]

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