The Japanese CashShop

Just like in Korea, Europe and North America, Neowiz publishes the game itself in Japan, so we can get a little insight into the CashShop Items that might be available in the English version. The old Korean cash shop was already pretty fair compared to what other F2P games offer but also had some items that helped you progress faster. They have been removed with the Rebuild Version of Bless though.

Current CashShop Items


Pet Costumes

Mount Costumes


Other Items

Experience Booster (+20% from hunting)

Does not affect PvP experience

Mount Experience Booster (+20%)

Your mount levels while riding it.

Mount/Pet Skill Changer

Every Mount and Pet you tame has up to 3 Skills. With this Item they can be changed to whatever you like.

Extra Skill Deck

Skill Decks allow you to quickly swap between Skill Builds

Skill Reset Scroll

Allows you to reset your used skill points

Memory Scroll

Saves your current location, allows you to return to this place with a Teleport Scroll

Holy Water

Removes resurrection sickness

Mount/Pet Stamina Recovery Food

You can’t use your Mount and Pet for unlimited time. They either have to rest or you need Food(Can also be crafted)

Inventory Expansion
Gathering Tools
Extra Character Slot
Teleport Scroll
Gear Repair Set
And that’s it. No RnG Treasures or Pay2Win Items so far, let’s hope this won’t change.

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