Bless wants your Voice!

bless voice

Do you want to LITERALLY be a part of Bless Online? Now is your chance! We’re looking for volunteers to add their voice to the crowd voice over!


1. When you record, you can use windows voice recorder, or a free demo of Adobe Audition, or whatever you’re comfortable using.


2. You should record at 44kHz or better, wave or aiff file format is fine, and it can be one sound per file or one giant file – it doesn’t really matter.


3. We also need 20-30 seconds of “quiet room noise” that we will use as a baseline for a noise filter.


4. Don’t hold back on the shouts, but also make sure that your recording doesn’t clip/distort.


5. We’re looking for both male and female voices.


6. Read and record from the attached PDF!


7. You’ll need to send your audio files (and real name, so you can be credited) to Cheshire on the Bless Discord Server by 3/25!


If you have questions about participating, message @Cheshire!


The script for you to read off of is here: Crowd_Walla

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