Creation of the World

Many centuries ago powerful beings, now known as the Ancient gods, emerged from the chaos and became the first race of powerful beings. These Gods then created the heavens and the earth, but their greatest creation was life itself. The first born creation of the Gods were primitive, wild beast-like creatures. The Gods created many things, but their actions were chaotic at first. Suddenly, from the images there was an inspiration which led to the creation of Physis, however, Physis firmly rejected the gods – his creators. Over time most of the gods came to obey and serve Physis while the rest fled into exile.


Physis then created five dragons to become the custodians of the elements. These dragons collected the World Chaos Seeds left over by the ancient God. But, one seed of Chaos was kept by the Titans who wanted to live according to their own laws. The Dragons refused to relent and a great war broke out. It was in this war where the race of the Titans fell, including the original Titan Ymir. From his spilled lifeblood two new races were born: the Dwarves and the Giants. To escape from the oppression of the giants, the Dwarves hid in deep caves and eventually discovered the Pristine Gates. From the gates, demon hordes burst forth and the exiled Ancient Gods were set loose upon the world. They taught crafts to the Dwarves but quickly lost interest in their students. The Giants were also approached by these demonic visitors that held the power of chaos and together they waged a war in attempt to destroy the world. The Dragons managed a narrow victory against the combined might of the Demons and Giants, but it cost them deeply and they plunged into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, the Dwarves, with their newfound freedom, moved south where they created the Urgand Kingdom.

The Era of the Two Kingdoms

It is written in the annals of history, that at this time Physis discovered the need for a cycle of creation and destruction in the world. A Seed of Chaos was planted in the ground and the Tree of Life, Liliantes, grew. From the fruit of this tree, the elves were born. In the dense forest near the sacred tree, the Elves founded El Gradis. The Urgand Kingdom and El Gradis formed an alliance together and defended their borders from the primitive tribes. But the golden era of the two kingdoms was short lived and would not last more than a millennium.


The First Dragon to awake from the deep slumber was Ventus. He was a stranger in the now changed world and swallowed all the Seeds of Chaos collected so long ago by his kin. Falling into madness, Ventus attacked the kingdoms of the Elves and Dwarves. Many were slane, and much was destroyed before the alliance would seal Ventus away. However, the Dwarves were brought to the verge of extinction. The Elves suffered a devastating blow as they lost their queen Erlione Liliantes, and their originator, the Tree of life, perished. In their fear of an uncertain future, the ruling caste of El Gradis decided to turn to the power of Chaos. This was opposed by many of the elves and El Gradis erupted in a civil war. The Elves split into two groups and the most rebellious moved to the southern lands. Thus ended the era marked by the prosperity of these two races.

The Coming of Men

Creatures evolved from the Ancient Gods’ original creations and did not want to follow the will of Physis. Orcs, goblins, trolls and similar creatures were endowed with their own will and were overwhelmed by passions. They simply could not resist the influence of Chaos and became known as the savage tribes. The Elves and Dwarves tried to keep order in the world, beginning the conflict between the races and the first-born barbarian tribes. And then, finally, with confidence and intelligence in a time of order and chaos, there rose a new race – the humans.

The rise and growth of the Lumen Empire

Many creatures inhabit the world. Some, were born by the will of the gods who themselves created the Providence. But there were those that were born from evolution. These beings inherited a will of their own and opposed the order established by the Providence. Due to the conflict between the first-born races and the barbarian tribes the world was a place of unrest. After a time in this land of strife, humans appeared. The people of the human race built a nation and named it after the hero who banished the orcs, Lumen. The Lumen nation forged an alliance with El-Gradis, the damaged nation of elves. Having lost immortality, the elves understood that in order to save their knowledge they must share with these new people. Magic and science were virtues highly valued in the Lumen Empire. Masters of magic held great power and for a long time they ruled the state. Ermekis, not yet ascended to the throne, transformed the nation into a monarchy. This ushered in the Golden Age of the Lumen Empire, which lasted for hundreds of years.

Incident at Nigra Turisand Dark Ages

Then came the end of the of Lumen Empire era. In an effort to regain power, the mages performed a dangerous yet powerful ritual. They opened the gates to another dimension, and from there into the world of the demons came back. They worshiped in Hornus, a huge black tower and created a bridge between the worlds. This event is known as a catastrophe at Nigra Turis, the entire world felt its calamity. In the coming wars, the young barbarian tribes fell quickly, and the Lumen Empire fell into disrepair. Only the combined strength of the humans, Sylvan Elves and Lupus were able to resist the attacks of the converted barbarians, driving them from Lumen borders. There was then proclamation by king Aygor Valor, who became the successor of the Lumen throne. He gave the elves and Lupus citizenship. Thus was born the empire, named Heiron. But King Aygor soon died, and his three sons, desperate for the throne, unleashed a devastating civil war. The war of the three princes lasted seven years.

Creation of Union

While war raged in the north between the three princes, cities in the South prospered. Sforza House of La Spezia proposed to sign a joint defense treaty, and the southern lands were united under the name Amistad. Not wanting to put up with the oppression of the Empire, the Southerners began looking for allies. Under their blood-red banner of freedom stood the Aqua Elves. When the troops of the Empire marched to pacify the cities of the south, they opposed an army three races. Faced with fierce resistance, the Hieron Imperials retreated. The Amistads victory gave rise to a new era – the era of uncompromising confrontation between the Empire and the Commonwealth of Independent races.

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