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      Formed in 1999 when Australia and New Zealand had next to no presence in MMORPGs, we have made an appearance in nearly every major and minor MMORPG release and even some that never released since then. Created in Ultima Online and still going strong 19 years later, Argent was founded with the following principles.

      • Be a sanctuary to all Aussies and Kiwis in Online Games.

      • Be the knowledge pool and resource centre for everything relating to our region in gaming.

      • We won’t be the off-peak bitch to North American Guilds.

      Requirements to join

      • You must be a local.

      • There is no age limit but chat does go to strange places at times.

      • Voice Comms is a must during all guild events, activities and competitions.

      • A sense of humour, preferably dark and a thick skin.

      • No deadweight, if you don’t contribute to the community, you aren’t welcome

      How to Join
      Contact Axel#3094 or Pelum#1337 in discord for more information or to apply.

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