Alpha Test or CBT?

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      To give you a more substantial answer to your question there isn't going to be public Alpha or Beta test for Bless's global release. Instead players will be able to buy (or win) access to the Early Access (EA). The early access will be available for download over Steam just over a Month from now as it is stated to begin in mid-May. While we do not know the costs involved with EA or the "actual" release we do know it will involve founders packs with various bonuses and boosts for those who purchase them (again no idea when these will be available, how much they will cost, and what they will offer)

      This early access period will be open for all who purchase it and last for approximately six months before the game is officially released some time in the winter of 2018-2019 or early spring of 2019.

      You just read another wall of text! :thumbsup:

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      Beta is basically what the JP and KR Rebuild versions are. The US will not get beta. It's probably not worth joining at this time since we're closer to EA, so just wait it out.
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