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    • [EU] DNN [PvX|Hardcore][Hieron]


      DNN, Damn Nice Name, has throughout the years mantled many names Legit/Trading Company (Archeage), Trading Company (Black Desert Online), Shadow Something (Wow:Legion) and Dirty Noname (Revelation Online). Our leadership is the same as ever, meaning myself Nutoma as well as Kromi will be leading the guild.

      We are now gathering our fellow friends and members back for a new adventure, in which we're looking to make Bless the new home. As always our focus will be to excel in PvP, which will require us to develop our character through all branches of the game be so PvP, PvE or Life Skills.

      Bless Online has gone through many iterations throughout the past few years, this means that much of the information you'll find online about the game is likely to be dated. Therefore we do encourage every member to take the time and try out the closest to our version of the game available, that being the Japanese version of Bless.

      In preparation for the exciting launch of Bless Online we encourage any player who feels like they have what it takes to continuously work with us to achieve active character progression goals, master their class and most importantly have a blast with a good group of people in a new fun adventure!

      What we can offer:
      • A solid foundation: plentiful of seasoned MMO players, experienced leadership and a wide range of game expertise;
      • Like-minded individuals who are generally on the same page;
      • Mature atmosphere, being able to laugh while acting serious.
      • We solely use Discord for communication, be so through text or voice;
      • The ability to both teach and practice PvX through information boards, spreadsheets, and fellow player experience.
      What we are looking for / expect from you:
      • You are expected to actively attend VoIP (Discord) with a functional microphone,
      • communication is vital hence the ability to understand and speak English is mandatory;We are a hardcore guild, dedication must be one of your priorities (you do not need to play 24/7 but you must be efficient in what you do);
      • Your ability to follow instructions and take criticism, be open to ideas, general banter and jokes;
      • Treating each other with respect is a requirement both inside as well as outside the guild, disrespectful behavior will result in an instant dismissal;
      • The team comes before any individual - if we are to succeed it's together as one;
      • PvP or PvE: you may prefer one over the other, which is fine. However, keep in mind that we will always aim to focus on PvP-oriented endgame;
      If this sounds appealing to you, then join our Discord htps://discord.gg/6B6dHvN as well as make an application over at (tinyurl.com/dnnapplication). If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on discord or pass by Nutoma's stream twitch.tv/Nutoma

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