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    • EU | Driven | Semi-Hardcore | PvX | Faction: To Be Decided


      Driven, the only non-Tryhard Semi-Hardcore clan (PvX). Molded by a
      group of elite players that met and bonded with each other from previous
      similar games. We are here to stay. Unlike all the other tryhard
      guilds, we don't like fancy and corny descriptions. We are a group of
      manchildren in a videogame looking for extra friends to hang out with,
      not an international insurance company looking for customers. Our goal
      is simple, to squeeze as much fun as we can from the game while trolling

      and memeing around.

      Main Requirements:
      > Discord boi.
      > We want our members to be active. This is not a no-life guild, but if

      you are aiming to play 15 minutes once every 3 days, then you ain't
      gonna cut it pal.
      > Be thick skinned and have a sense of humor.
      > Ą̡A̕͞À̴A͠͡͏A͢͏̛A͟͡A͏̷A͝A͜Á̧A̛͘͞A̧͟͞҉A̛͝A̷͟͡
      > Mhmmmm
      > Ramen
      > Glitter is tolerated

      Submit your application HERE.
      If you are not accepted within 15 hours, you are legally allowed to look for an other guild.
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