Four things you worry about, you shouldn’t worry about

The game looks outdated

One of the most common comments we see on our social media channels is that Bless is “outdated”. Graphics-wise, the game is everything but outdated compared to other MMOs released in the past years. Bless has a more realistic graphics setting, so players that are looking for as much sparkle sparkle as in Black Desert for example, will probably be disappointed. In terms of gameplay, the game is oriented on classic MMOs with modern elements. So neither it’s graphics, nor its gameplay is outdated in any way.

No action combat in 2018? The game will die!

What most people don’t know is that Tab-targeting MMORPGs are the most popular ones on the market. Not only in the west, but also in Korea. The combat system has been updated with Rebuild, but not completely renewed. Combat is faster and more fun and feels similar to Guild Wars 2 now but definitely not like Games like Tera, but enjoyable for people that prefer Classic, as well as Action Combat Systems.

The game will be Pay2Win anyway…

Bless will not be the first game Neowiz will publish in the west. The Game Black Squad published by Neowiz on Steam is probably one of the only few Online Free2Play Shooter that is not Pay2Win and after many chats with Neowiz we can ensure you that they really want to make the game fair for everyone.

The game failed in Korea and Russia, so it will fail here too!

Since the first Korean Beta, the Korean Community said Bless is too western oriented for the Korean MMORPG Market. Another problem was the lack of content and that you had pretty much nothing to do after reaching max level. Most game-design problems have been solved with the Rebuild Version with the addition of Gear Progressing, Crafting, life-skill Leveling for Gathering and Taming etc. The Developers also started adding Features requested by the western community to the game, like the recently added Daily Random Dungeon Queue for example. For the Russian Version, Publisher 101XP made the mistake to publish the old, unoptimized Version of Bless without any content so it was clear that the Game will not succeed from the begin with. In the end, it is for you to decide if you enjoy the game or not. Bless has become a much better game in the past year and the developers care a lot about its Community and its Feedback.

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