• Rebuild Season 3 – Human Mascu
    by admin September 29
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    Rebuild Season 3 is upon us and one of the biggest additions is the Human Mascu Race. There are many other changes which will be announced very soon. The Season 3 Update will come on August 16th and will only be available on the Rebuild Test Server. We will create a guide soon how to play on the Rebuild Test Server with an English patch. Neowiz is really interested in the western feedback so if you are interested in making the game better make sure to leave your feedback on our forums.    

  • Rebuild Test Server – Season 2 Patchnotes
    by admin September 22
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    The second major update to Bless Rebuild is on its way, it will be applied in two parts. Thanks for the help eto! The first update which comes on September 7th will bring: – New content – Level cap increased from 37 to 45 – Dungeons up to level 45 added – Changes – Revamped Item Enhancing UI – New mileage system will be added to Enhancing The second part of the update will come on September 14th and it will contain the following: – Item growth changes – Optional items to help item enhancement – Rune system revamped – New […]

  • [Rebuild] Character Grow and Combat Changes
    by admin August 15
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    New Gear Upgrading System -Allows you to upgrade your gear up to +15 -Depending on your Upgrade Level your Items appearance changes -Weapons and Shields can be Evolved 3 times for extra stats New Skill System -Skills now must be upgraded with Skill Points -9th Skillslot has been added -You can skill some class-depending stats Updated Combat System -New fighting BGM -Combat is much faster now -Faster skill channeling time -Skill cooldowns have been removed or lowered -Updated hit sound and visual effects

  • [Rebuild] Crafting Changes
    by admin August 15
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    Crafting/Gathering -You can choose 1 profession you want to “master” -If you want to master Blacksmith for example the items have higher quality and better stats -The crafting UI has been reworked -You have real professions now you have to learn and level. Blacksmith for Gear, Goldsmith for accessories and runes, Alchemist for Potions and Cook for Bufffood. -You now need recipes to learn how to craft specific items -Recipes can be bought at a NPC or be dropped from bosses -Gathering must be leveled as well

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