• Should Bless be released on Steam as an early access title?
    by admin June 10
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    1 year after Aeria Games signed the contract to publish Bless Online on the western market, they canceled their plans because the game did not met Aerias expectations. However, Bless is still a very good MMORPG with a lot of potential, but yes, it needs more time. Neowiz, the developer of Bless must focus on much more content and client optimization. We don’t know if they already improved the performance of the game, they worked on the western version for almost a year after all and probably improved gameplay elements like the combat system already. The translation should also be […]

  • Aeria cancels publishing deal for Europe and North America
    by admin June 7
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    Today is a sad day for everyone who was looking forward to play an english version of Bless this year. 1 year after Aeria announced that they will release the MMO on the western market, they canceled the publishing deal with Neowiz. Neowiz will now focus on the japanese version of Bless and then hopefully find a new publisher for Europe and North America. An official statement should follow shortly. #Update – Official Statement from gamigo gamigo announces that the MMORPG Bless Online will not be published in Europe and North America. The cooperation between the Korean games developer Neowiz […]

  • New Skill System, Auto-path and UI Updates
    by admin May 22
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    Our Community Member and Youtuber Notch was lucky enough to get into the Japanese Closed Beta for Bless Online. It is very likely that the Japanese Version is using the latest Bless Client which will also be used for the European and North American Version of the game. The new Combat System still seems to be in development, but we hope to hear some news soon from Aeria Games. Video Forum Thread

  • Bless Korea to merge it’s servers to 1
    by admin May 22
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    While we are still waiting for some news for the western version, Neowiz decided to merge it’s last 2 servers into 1. The Server “Eplis” will launch June 14th and probably allows you to play both factions on one server.

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