Should Bless be released on Steam as an early access title?

1 year after Aeria Games signed the contract to publish Bless Online on the western market, they canceled their plans because the game did not met Aerias expectations. However, Bless is still a very good MMORPG with a lot of potential, but yes, it needs more time. Neowiz, the developer of Bless must focus on much more content and client optimization. We don’t know if they already improved the performance of the game, they worked on the western version for almost a year after all and probably improved gameplay elements like the combat system already. The translation should also be almost done so why not release it as an early access title on Steam? It’s also a great opportunity to collect feedback from the western community to improve the english version of Bless.

Would you support an early access version? And how much would you pay to get access to it? Join our forum discussion and let us know what you think.