• Bless Update 2
    by Editor July 9
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    Hello! We get a second look at the development for Bless after the first CBT. This time we’re seeing improvements on character quality such as lighting and modeling. Lets take a look at how bless has changed since the last update. Character Lighting Changes: Even more satisfying in-game quality! Amongst the graphical opinions regarding Bless’ first CBT, there were some disparities with the quality of the characters in the character selection screen and the characters in the game. After investigating the opinions further, Bless noticed that lighting at the darker shades of the character was lacking and was not at […]

  • Bless Update 1
    by Editor June 21
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    Hello Everyone! A vibrant world begins! Bless! For everyone who has been waiting for Bless news after the end of the first CBT, we want to update everyone on our current content development, production process and the public’s comments on the game on our “Bless ING” Corner. Our first look begins at the Bless studio. We’ll look at new characters and world content information that’ll be released for the second CBT. The very first thing we want to show everyone is a graphics update. He’s working on the human female character’s hair! Can you picture it a little? The customization […]

  • Closed Beta Review
    by Editor February 23
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    -Character Creation- In the Closed Beta, Character Creation was very limited. We only had the options of choosing between one of the 3 available Races (Amistad, Aqua Elf and Pantera) and one of the 4 playable Classes (Guardian, Paladin, Ranger and Berserker). Every Class has a preset design in the closed beta and there were no ways to customize your character’s looks. However, we’ve found some interesting strings in the game client. According to the Character Creation game files, you will have more than 100 possibilities to customize your Character! Bless Online will offer many exciting ways to customize your […]

  • Journey to BLESS
    by Editor February 12
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    The first journey to BLESS Online It’s the beginning of the living world of BLESS Online Several impressive places and magnificent scenes were collected in order to create the meaningful memories at first CBT where adventure starts at the southern continent of BLESS. Ruins of Padana, the starting region of the Amistad Race The tales of Amistad begins at the Ruins of Padana. The Ruins of Padana is a plain region located at the southern mountain range of Cornus, a giant mountain range in north. Therefore when you enter the Ruins of Padana, the traces of dreadful war and old […]