• Rebuild Project Announced
    by admin July 17
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    It’s probably not a secret anymore that Bless is in a pretty bad state. However, the developer, Neowiz Bless Studio, is not giving up and promises many changes to improve their game. Bless is still a fun MMO with a lot of potential, but yes, it needs some changes. Neowiz will announce more on July 25th, but here is what Neowiz plans to change: 3 Main Objectives to work on: -Examining the game systems and framework thoroughly -Not afraid of abandoning the current game structure and rebuilding it from scratch -Adding new contents Character growth: -It’s hard for players to […]

  • Neowiz still wants to release Bless on the western market
    by admin June 16
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      Neowiz, the developer of Bless, just confirmed to mmorpg.com that they are still interested in bringing the game to the western market. Here’s Neowiz official statement:   Reasons for publishing contract termination Last September, our partner Aeria Games (AG) shared two major concerns: Ingame performance and combat system. We believe these two need to be polished before coming into the western market. We, Neowiz Bless Studio (NBS), have been working on the two issues, but figured out that more time is required to achieve the satisfactory condition.This additional development period was not aligned with AGs’ business milestone, and of This additional […]

  • South Korean MMORPG Developers finally have to learn from their mistakes
    by admin June 15
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      South Korea is pretty much the mainland of MMORPGs. Since the success of games like Lineage the South Korean MMORPG Market is booming and Online games are being developed en masse. However, there is something we really have to talk about. The Koreans refuse to learn from their past mistakes. Since more than a decade, Korean MMORPG developers are not capable of optimizing their games for the global market. Be it Tera, Aion, Blade&Soul, Bless or other eye-catching AAA MMORPGs.   So why do they invest millions into a game that ends up in an awful optimized lagfest? The […]

  • Should Bless be released on Steam as an early access title?
    by admin June 10
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    1 year after Aeria Games signed the contract to publish Bless Online on the western market, they canceled their plans because the game did not met Aerias expectations. However, Bless is still a very good MMORPG with a lot of potential, but yes, it needs more time. Neowiz, the developer of Bless must focus on much more content and client optimization. We don’t know if they already improved the performance of the game, they worked on the western version for almost a year after all and probably improved gameplay elements like the combat system already. The translation should also be […]