• Bless is coming to Europe and North America
    by admin February 5
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    Neowiz Games Business Manager just confirmed that the European and North American Publishing Contracts are in the final stage. Although there are no information about a possible release window this is still a great news for the western Community. There is also no confirmation about the rumor that Daum Games will not only publish Black Desert, but also Bless Online. Bless just entered the Open Beta Stage in Korea and will be released after. In case that you are interested in testing the Korean Version with our English patch visit this Article.

  • Guide to play Bless Open Beta
    by admin January 24
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    First of all you will need an account. There are some website we don’t want to link here so you have to google for it. After getting your Account head over to the official Korean Bless Online Site, Login and install all required Plugins(if necessary). It is highly recommended to use Internet Explorer for this process. After logging in, go to the download page and download the Bless Downloader. It doesn’t really matter if you pick the Blue or Red one. Select the download folder and proceed. Red Launcher Blue Launcher After installing the Game start the Game via the […]

  • Korean Open Beta Begins this month!
    by admin January 17
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        Bless online is getting ready to make it`s way towards the long awaited Open Beta, which will take place on January 27th! According to Steparu, there will be six classes available and a new playable race, access to improved dungeons, taming and crafting systems , Raids and much more. Based on the feedback received once the second FGT has ended, the Neowiz team has been working around the clock on different bug fixes, core mechanics, improvements on the UI and combat, to offer the players an improved experience once the OBT starts. Neowiz is also offering to open […]

  • BLESS’ Final Korean Closed Beta Test
    by admin September 4
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    After eight months of waiting since the last Closed Beta Test, the past week has seenĀ a rush of new information! Interviews, videos, articles, and even OST music on YouTube have all been part of the march toward the final Korean Closed Beta Test starting later this month. For more information, be sure to visit our thread tracking all the latest videos, interviews, and dev updates regarding KCBT3! Pmang is currently holding a CBT3 lottery to increase the Closed Beta testing pool. You can go here for the official rules and to sign up on the Pmang forums. Best of luck […]