• New Trailer shows the overhauled combat system
    by admin November 28
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    It appears that the Development Team of Bless Online overhauled the combat system. Everything looks much more dynamic now. Movement and evading seems to be one of the biggest changes, but the system by itself looks much smoother and more action-packed now. In the video you can see the 4 classes from the first closed beta, the Guardian, Berserker, Cleric and Ranger fighting their way through a solo dungeons with an huge ember boss. Enjoy the video:

  • New Trailer released
    by admin November 17
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      The second Closed Beta is coming closer and closer. Neowiz released a new trailer today which shows the war between the 2 nations in the game. The recruitment for the second closed beta will start this month, the beta will probably start in december. We really hope that we will be able to participate in the upcoming closed beta. Unfortunately it’s for koreans only and there are no signs for a western or SEA Publisher yet.

  • Focus Group Test in November
    by admin October 28
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      Pmang just announced that they will hold a short Focus Group Test from November 6th – November 9th. You can apply for the Group Test here. This Test is for Koreans only. We hope that we can participate in this Beta, but we can’t promise it yet. A new Video which shows how Cinematic Videos are being made has been released as well. You can watch it below.

  • 2nd Bless World/Environment Update
    by admin September 9
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    Hello Everyone! We are getting another look at the world of Bless. Last time we read some pretty interesting stories and saw some stunning locations! Let’s see what they have to show on their second preview!! The Cursed Land, Forest Of The Dead The evil forces at work have contorted the forest’s animal and plant life.  The trees have been distorted and the animals are suffering from sickness and disease.  The Forest of The Dead, filled with horror and pain, is not a place for anyone to live (Obviously… It’s a forest of DEATH!). This once beautiful forest had four […]

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