• New Beta Information
    by Editor January 23
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    New Illustrations and Beta Information The Korean Bless Online Beta is coming closer and closer. The Korean developer Neowiz started giving away the first bunch of betakeys on their Korean Facebook Fanpage of Bless Online. If you want to participate, like this Page and leave your comment under this photo. Neowiz also announced that the following classes and races are playable during the beta. The playable classes are Ranger, Guardian, Berserker and Paladin. The playable Races are the human Race Amistad, the Aqua elfes and Pantera. There are still no infromation about western publishers, but we are sure that they […]

  • Bless Armor Preview
    by Editor December 20
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    Bless Armor Preview Neowiz recently introduced the Armor of Bless. Your armor is supposed to reduce the damage you take in battles, but it also should fit your character, your class and your style of play. First at all, the look of your gear depends on your class and race. Every race has it’s own gear based on his unique story and culture. The vegetation is important as well, in case that your race lives in an area with high temperatures, your gear is more generous than gear from Races who lives in cold areas. That actually makes sense, but in many MMOs it’s usual […]

  • Pick your Weapon!
    by Editor December 9
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    Pick your weapon – The Weapons of Bless A Weapon is the symbol of Victory and achievement in every Battle. Bless authentic fantasy world is based on the Middle-Age style. The Bless Studio from Neowiz designed some pretty looking weapons, you can find the results below. Early weapon concept sketches The Magic Staff of the Siren Race which lives in the sea has his very own design inspired by the Zora Race(Known from games like The Legend of Zelda) The weapons of Bless are based on real medieval weapons to give a convincing realistic and fanciful design.  High-Level Weapons The Paladin can use […]

  • The NPCs of Bless Online
    by Editor November 23
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    NPC’s of Bless In most MMOs there are NPC’s who gives you quest and items, but in Bless Online the NPC’s are kinda special. NPC’s are interacting with you and the world to make the world of Bless more realistic. The appearance of NPC’s are important in the game, especially the costumes. Costumes are not randomly chosen in Bless, the NPC’s costume depends on his environment, climate and culture. For example: There is a Westeuropean Village and based on the currently season the costumes are made in an romantic style. Average NPC’s in Bless   On the other side, there are NPC’s based on the european Rokoko and Renaissance […]