Season 3 – Mascu, Castle Siege, Item Change

Season 3 – Mascu, Castle Siege, Item Changes

[New Content]

– Castle Siege has been improved. 

> You can enter at level 37.
> The battle time has been reduced from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.
> In the past, if you did not kill the commander, the winner or loser was judged based on the score.
From now on, the winner or loser will be judged only if the commander is killed.
If the commander is alive , both sides will receive a draw when the battle ends.
> The way you gain points in Castle Siege has changed.
There is not much difference when you enter the starting stage of Castle Siege.
However, the number of participating characters will gradually decrease the score you can get after the end of the battle.

> The movement speed of the vehicles and the attack power of the gate have been increased
The cleansing tree that summons Divine Wrath has been changed to summon the monster at regular intervals.
The monster that the tree summons Divine Wrath’s stamina will gradually decrease as the siege progresses.
> A battlefield board has been added to make it easier to check the health of the gate and the commander.

> The shield at the base has been removed and additional defense mechanisms were put in the castle tower.
> In the past you could only push towards the castle on the walls, the terrain has been changed and more routes have been added so it should be easier to breach the castle now.

> Now that there is no shield buff, the strength of the defending faction gets increased for 1 minute.
> The commander’s shield skill has been changed to a reflection spell and the heal skill has been removed.

If you participate in the REBUILD server’s Castle Siege testing event during 09/28 – 10/09, you are able to get a golden gladiator costume for the main server Elpis (If I understood it right).

※ A mascu wearing the costume

Castle Siege support event (09/28 – 10/09)
If you create a new character during this time, you will receive an instant boost potion to lv37, a weapon, mount and 20 gold worth of tax paper(you can dump it to npc)

Castle Siege Schedule
Weekdays: Once a day at 8PM KST
Weekends: Twice a day at 8PM and 11PM KST

– Mascu race has been added

They can be both Hieron or Union faction
Playable classes: Guardian, Berserker, Mage, Paladin and Assassin(Thanks Mint)

Also, humanoid mascu(optional) has been added as a selectable skin/type.

– UI , HUD and other miscellanous changes

> Mount summon hotkeys have been changed from CTRL + F1/F2/F3/F4/F5 to CTRL + Q/W/E/R/T
You can change these hotkeys in the game settings. [ Interface settings -> Key settings -> Hotkeys / Action Bar ]

> Character profile UI has been reworked as it was a bit too much in one spot, basically a few additional info and stats have been moved to a new panel.
> Some items(flares, protective shield generator, etc..) which are usable in combat have been changed, so you can register them in quick slots(actionbar).
> Enhancement changes
– Ehancing items below +10 required you to craft a magic power enhances from magic condensate, but you can use magic condensate to enchant items below +10 now.
– Some parts of this was unclear to me, basically enchanting have been made less expensive by removing a few steps in materials below a set enhancement level.
> Crafting changes:
– Crafting material vendors have been placed near workbenches.
– New recipes for 15/25/35/45 rings and necklaces have been added. Some old ring and necklace recipes have been removed.
– Repair tool recipe have been added, you can craft it and repair your items anywhere. The price of the required material have been lowered.
– Some other popular material prices have been lowered to 1000.
> The characters running speed and maximum power and energy recovery have been reduced.
> Balance changes in field monsters.

– Taming / Training changes (Thank you Eto)

– When you achieve 3. Professional Tamer, 5. Master Tamer, 7. Brilliant Tamer, you will receive Tamer Costume [Lower], [Upper], and [Hat], respectively.

– The names and rewards for tamer/trainer levels have been changed.
1. Trainee < 2. Skilled Tamer < 3. Professional Tamer < 4. Elite Tamer < 5. Master Tamer < 6. Prominent Tamer < 7. Brilliant Tamer
– Some changes here and there, basically the higher level your taming is, the faster you tame and you get more chance for special tames.

[New Items]

– Repair tool have been added
Blacksmiths can craft this and it recovers 5 durability on an item.
– Upgraded Repair tools have also been added
It recovers the full durability of the item.

– Level 37 weapons, shields and armor item names have changed.
– The overall stats of the items have been increased.

– Accessories have been improved.
– Accessories have no durability from now on.
– Accessories can only be enhanced. (No failures)
– Even if you have failstacks, they won’t be used up if you succeed an upgrade.
– You can either craft these new accessories or get some of them from elite monsters.
– Only accessories above heroic grade can have set effects.

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