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[NA] <Corgi> | PvE Progression | PvP Siege | Competitive | Hardcore

    • [NA] <Corgi> | PvE Progression | PvP Siege | Competitive | Hardcore

      <Corgi> is a guild that haves been through tons of MMORPG. We started out in Blade & Soul moved to Revelation Online until it went pay-to-win then back to B&S. We are a hardcore guild that tries and reach to the top. We were the top in Revelation Online as a PvP guild until zerg guilds started to be a thing on our server. We value quality over quantity, and we are here to learn about Bless Online.

      We decided to try out Bless Online after Revelation Online went pay-to-win, but we haven't heard anything about it until now. When we heard about the date for early access, we knew where we are going next.

      If you are interested please join our discord server and contact Knale # 7964. You''ll have to fill out application to join the guild and will be on trial for a week. This is to make sure can follow the rules and able to work with our schedule.

      What do we offer?
      • We listen to everyone in the guild.
      • Dedicated guild officers and leaders that quick to learn new MMORPG.
      • Experience veteran MMORPG leaders.
      • Organized guild and events.
      • Competitive and mature environment.
      • We will help you with your class.
      • We will help gear you up to everyone else.
      • We treat everyone equal and everyone will have to contribute, even the officers.
      • We will take in feedback to correct problem and how we handle the guild.
      • Discord is our choice of communication. We don't use any terrible websites that no one will every use. All information will be in the discord.

      Requirement for Corgi
      • Level Up as fast as you can.
      • Be active - Try to be active at evenings, and play at least 1-2 hours a day.
      • You have to be Dedicated to be at the top, learn your class better, and learn about the new content and improve.
      • You have to be friendly to everyone. Try and group up with other people outside of your group. Make everyone feel welcome and not a outcast.
      • You have to speak English.
      • Mic are not require, but you have to listen.
      • Require to participate in guild events.
      • Age: 18+
      Guild Ranks
      • Guild Leader - Top Person of the guild.
      • Vice Guild Leader - Second in command.
      • Officer - People that deal with the guild and the recruitment of new players.
      • Raid Leader - Main person that deals with raiding
      • PvP Commanders - Players that oversee all the battleground and commends groups and their raids for Player vs Players.
      • Class Leader - Top players of each class.
      • Veteran - Players that stand out the most in the guild.
      • Core Member - Players that are on the starting team in raids and group leaders in PvP.
      • Member - Players that are accepted into the guild.
      • Trial - Players that are trying out for the guild.

      How do I rank up in the guild?

      Be the person that stand out in the guild, be dedicated and loyal to the guild, and be friendly and helpful. These are the core thing that well help you to easily rank up in the guild. The other thing is that you have to be good at your class in the game. Be willing to improve yourself and become a great player in the game.

      What is our purpose?

      Our main purpose is to become the number one guild on our server in PvP and PvE. This mean that all our players will have to improve themselves and understand their roles in the game. We will be focusing on the PvP side of thing more than the PvE.

      Our Victory:

      Accepted Class:
      We are currently looking for every class.

      Guild Leader Knale/Howllo

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