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CONTROLLER Support / Xpadder for E&A / JP

    • CONTROLLER Support / Xpadder for E&A / JP


      Hi Guys,

      So a big question of mine was controller support and it seems like they're not against it and might look into it.

      My question to fellow gamepad users with Dualshock 4 / Steam / XBOX ONE / XBOX 360 and more now:

      Did someone manage to successfully map all actions via xpadder or another software? I have issues with xpadder as its not using all binds and only the joystick and when I press RB its going into a weird standby mode where I can't do anything. Answers and help highly appreciated!

      Especially with an Elite Xbox Pad this could be true love to me, the buttons you use in Bless are definitely not that many and should by easy to map with CTRL / SHIFT.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Many thanks

      UPDATE: I managed to set all binds apart from the modified ones with CTRL. Everytime I press CTRL (RB) it brings me into that 1st person stationery mode again and I cant do anything apart from logging out to log back in, but CTRL + any button doesn't work such as with mouse, can someone help?

      Shift works fine so far and I can use shift combinations for the normal dpad and button pad buttons.

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      I want a to be able to use a controller on the game as well. I think the best way to do this might be to try use mayflashes software? I'm not sure though, I never tried it. You'll have to share your findings for sure.
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