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Greetings - LF a Static Team - Raid Guild

    • Greetings - LF a Static Team - Raid Guild



      Though I have only been casually following the over all progression of Bless towards NA & did dabble in the Russian Beta, I honestly am limited in regards to my knowledge of the dynamics of Bless. I read somewhere within this forum that Raid Progression will most likely be much easier than FF14 or WoW. I am hoping that is not the case and that Raids will evolve over time. I truly miss team minded raid progression with a great group of players. I was hoping that Bless would fill the niche that I once absolutely loved in WoW End Game.

      I was also hoping to either join or create a Static Team and/or Guild for Raid Progression.

      I possess a degree in Multimedia/Game Design and have gamed (Various genres however predominantly MMORPGs) for ...well far too long. During my Tenure in WoW (Vanilla - WoLK and then again in WoD) I was in a US Ranked 100 Raid Guild. I began playing AION at close to launch for a few years and still dabble in it for fun but imho that particular MMORPG had far more to do with dynamic & often challenging PvP than Dungeon or Raid Progression. I also played FF14 for 8 mos as well as tried (often Beta'd) various other MMORPGs.

      I would be thrilled to hook up with a few dedicated, positive minded players who enjoy the challenge or cohesive team raid progression. I currently possess both a Ventrillo and Mumble VOIP.


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      Hi there Laughter! Nice to meet you!~ (v^-^)>
      US ranked 100 raiding guild in WoW? That's pretty impressive! :D
      I too played Aion for a long while but had to let it go recently ... its just not the same anymore D: ....anyway, welcome!
      I wish you the best of luck in finding what you're looking for and hope to see ya around in game! :D
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      Greetings @Laughter. Welcome to the Forums.
      I won't state the previously stated other than that.
      Hope you find what you're looking for though, otherwise!
      We can all do better & work faster together!
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      Welcome@'Laughter'. While it is true that this game has lots of PvP content, endgame PvE content is fairly difficult and will require a fairly coordinated group to overcome. This is especially true for PvE content between levels 46-50 (which most likely won't be available during the EA and on global release) once we receive level 50 content there will be two relatively difficult 5 man dungeons and the closest thing Bless will have to raids for some time: the 10 man "Tomb of the Warrior King" (roughly translated from Russian). Despite these dungeons not being anything close to the tier system that WoW had there is a sense of progression that they offer.

      In addition to the dungeon system the game has several world bosses (unless they were removed in the rebuild). From what I have seen and experienced these bosses are fairly difficult to kill. The high stats of the bosses themselves, the fact that the fights are in a PvP zones, and must be completed within a set time limit all contribute to the difficulty of the encounter. These world bosses will be where players must prove their PvE and PvP skills simultaneously and it can be especially difficult, especially considering the last instance of damage determines who gets kill credit (it can be stolen by the other faction, even if no PvP actually occurred).

      Since the PvE content is present and surprisingly integral to how the game is played, you shouldn't have any problems finding a consistent group of players to progress with. Its just a matter of if this form of progression is meaningful to you.

      When it comes to things that aren't Bless related, you seem to be relatively similar to me. I am currently studying game design and was a successful raider in Cataclysm and MoP (not sure if we hit top 100 though). I did however have a pretty successful arena run (top 100 in MoP) before playing AION, ESO, and then BnS. There I was able to hit the leaderboards in both the solo Arena (top 100 with Assassin) and class specific (top 25 Blade Masters) in North America for a season or two.

      Once again, welcome to the forums, hopefully we don't drive you away too quickly.

      You just read another wall of text! :thumbsup:
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      Thank you Tycon
      Its very nice to meet you.

      I honestly have no idea what to expect from Bless. Though I played AION from close to Launch for years, Asian or K-Pop/J-Pop games (as I call them ) are not really my cup of tea. Some are very dynamically immersive within the PVP category but always, always, always lack true end game PVE and few challenging dungeons at any level. Most are zergs.

      I miss MMORPG gaming. I Understand that games such as WoW take millions + to develop as well as substantial time and investment. It deeply saddens me that my friends and I cannot find a similar genre. Almost every MMORPG that I have either beta'd or played over the last 6 years has been a flimsy, disposable, zerg to end game PTW disappointment. (however there is no real end game) Sadly too most gamers over the last 5+ years Know nothing but this flimsy PTW type and are accustomed to this style. It may be that I end up playing Classic WoW when it launches - if it launches.

      If Bless is anything like B&S, Arch-age, or Revelation, I won't last.

      PS: I am not typically a fan of open world bosses especially when a group/player can KS - though a few well placed open world encounters do have their merit. I Have found that his dynamic creates a zerg mentality over skill or team mentality.

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