1. Guilds can be created after players reach level 10. (See “Create A Guild” section below.)
  2. Guilds level up to 15.
  3. Guilds level up due to guild member activities (PVP, PVE, etc.). (See “Guild Influence/Leveling” section below.)
  4. Guilds have a banner/icon next to the guild name above player’s charact
  5. Guild level dictates member caps for that guild. (See “Guild Levels and Member Caps” section below.)
  6. After leaving a guild, you have to wait 24 hours before joining another guild.
  7. As with all MMOs, guilds have their own guild chat.

Create A Guild

  1. Must be level 10+.
  2. Just be in a party of 3 where you are all level 10+.
  3. It costs 10 silver to create.
  4. You cannot be in a guild currently.
  5. You cannot have left a guild within the past 24 hours.
  6. You cannot have been kicked from a guild within the past 72 hours.
  7. You cannot reuse a guild name that’s been disbanded in the past 15 days.
  8. Talk with the guild NPC vendor and form your guild in each faction’s capital city.

Guild Influence/Leveling

  1. Honor (PVP)
  2. Adventure scores (PVP somehow. Dungeons?)
  3. Exploration scores (not sure).

Those combine to form the guild’s influence. The amount of contribution each player can provide is capped daily and resets at 4:00 AM (Korean time) daily.

Guild Levels and Member Caps

NOTE: It appears the formula is now Guild Level * 10 = cap.

Guild UI Frames

Primary Guild Information includes:

  1. Guild Level
  2. Amount of xp earned toward next Guild Level.
  3. Who the GM is (SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN NITO!) *shakes fists*
  4. Total # of Guild Members.
  5. Total influence earned by guild.
  6. Governance score.
  7. Guild notes are in the lower half.

Guild Roster frame shows:

  1. Guild member
  2. Member level
  3. Member class
  4. Member rank
  5. Member location

Guild Management window. This is the Application/Join list. You can approve applications for membership on this tab. This frame shows:

  1. Applicant’s name
  2. Applicant’s level
  3. Applicant’s class
  4. (Not sure)
  5. Message from applicant

Guild Ranks

  1. Each guild can use up to 5 different ranks by default, though it appears you can add more positions (only GM can do this).
  2. I’m assuming the “Authority” button can be used by the GM to then set permissions for each of the ranks.

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