Bless Rebuild – What’s new?

Tomorrow, on August 1st, the Korean Bless Rebuild Server will go live with tons of changes. New Combat System, Crafting, better Character Customization, Dungeon Finder, and much more. Below we have listed the most important changes in Bless Rebuild. If you are looking for friends or more information make sure to visit our forums.

New Gear Upgrading System

-Allows you to upgrade your gear up to +15
-Depending on your Upgrade Level your Items appearance changes
-Weapons and Shields can be Evolved 3 times for extra stats

New Skill System

-Skills now must be upgraded with Skill Points
-9th Skillslot has been added
-You can skill some class-depending stats

Updated Combat System

-New fighting BGM
-Combat is much faster now
-Faster skill channeling time
-Skill cooldowns have been removed or lowered
-Updated hit sound and visual effects


-You can choose 1 profession you want to “master”
-If you want to master Blacksmith for example the items have higher quality and better stats
-The crafting UI has been reworked
-You have real professions now you have to learn and level. Blacksmith for Gear, Goldsmith for accessories and runes, Alchemist for Potions and Cook for Bufffood.
-You now need recipes to learn how to craft specific items
-Recipes can be bought at a NPC or be dropped from bosses
-Gathering must be leveled as well


-Your Pet/Mount now gains experience when it’s summoned
-There are items to restore a Pets/Mounts fatigue now
-There are 4 stages for Pets/Mounts now. Luxury, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary

-You can now use Pets/Mounts with lower grade as upgrade material to level them
-The chance to successfully upgrade your Pet/Mount increases with every fail
-New UI
-Depending on your mounts stage it’s appearance changes

-The Taming System has been replaced with a minigame. You now have to hit a button at the right time to tame a pet or mount

-Taming scrolls can no longer be purchased at a NPC. You have to craft them now or get them through quest rewards
-You can now level your Taming Skill. Taming becomes easier with every level
-Anima System has been added. With every Taming attempt, there is a chance to get an egg with a pet inside or other rewards
-You can now trade pets and mounts
-There are now “costumes” for some pets and mounts

Character Creation

-More Face Shape Options

-More Breast Options

-More thigh options

-New Body Size Options

-More Haircolor Options

-30 new Hairstyles

-More Eyebrow, Iris, Pupils, Eye Options and Skin Colors

-Alternative Human Mascu Style


-New, more compact Menu UI

-You can now hide specific Quest Types (aka your Quest Window is not fille with Hunting Quests anymore).

-You can now create your own tabs for the Chatbox

-It is now easier to find items at the auctioneer. In the old version you had to enter the full name, now a part of it is enough. You can also compare your gear now

-This one is a bit hard to translate, but i think this is an option to automatically underbid other players. For example: You sell an Item for 10 Gold and set the minimum price for this Item to 7 Gold. If another Player sells the same item for 9 Gold, your Items price automatically drops to 8 Gold 99 Silver 99 Bronze.

-A Screenshot Mode has been added. This Mode hides the UI and gives you more options to move your camera.

-Auto-Pathing added

-New Character Creation Screen

-New Map Icons

-New NPC HP bars

-New Guild Info next to a Players name

-You can now see information of other Guilds in the game and apply for them

-There is now a Dungeon Finder AND a new Random Dungeon Queue that gives you special rewards at the end

-When you wield a dual sword and equip a new pair the second sword you equip will no longer replace the first one so you dont have to drag the other sword to the 2nd slot anymore. Same with rings

-You can now change the order of Party Members in the Party UI (Like Tank on Top for easier healing etc)