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      What do you think is worth translating? 9
        Class Skills ( plus maybe Core Technologies, Tactics) (5) 56%
        Social (I may translate this anyway for those who want to play on the Korean Servers) (3) 33%
        PvP (3) 33%
        Mobility & Mounts (2) 22%
        other (please let me know in the comments) (0) 0%
      So in order to keep us a bit up to date I kinda practiced my new korean skills on the website and found out they added some guides about nearly everything to their site. Please let me know what you want to have or think what's worth to be translated. Not sure how things will turn out of CBT§, OBT&Release. Things may be changed completely.

      Depending on the content things are easier or harder. For example the skills are pretty hard.

      I will translate the basic social things (guild, party, etc.) because I think
      a) many people will be playing on the korean servers when Bless hits the Open Beta&Release state
      b) it's not that hard to translate and lastly
      ) I guess it won't be changed.

      Official Guides
      There you can find news about classes, races, RvR, the world, story, basically nearly everything.

      Anyway here is a list of interesting things - I don't include the racial articles, the zones, etc. If you want them to be in - please let me know in the comments.

      Guardian Overview
      Guardian Skills

      Berserker Overview
      Berserker Skills

      Ranger Overview
      Ranger Skills

      Paladin Overview
      Paladin Skills

      Assassin Overview
      Mage Overview

      Mysitc and Warlock do not have any info yet
      Warlock Overview (no info yet)
      Mystic Overview (no info yet)

      Depending how you combine the "core technologies" you can adjust your character to certain situations like Solo-PvE and Group-PvE, same with PvP. Also you can adjust your playstyle (Paladin a very defensive Tank (selfheals, dmg. reduce), defensive Healer, offensive tankish DD, etc.)
      Class Tactics System Overview
      Guardian Tactics
      Berserker Tactics
      Ranger Tactics
      Paladin Tactics
      Core Technology Overview
      Basically a skill overview where you can see all combinations, etc.

      Mobility & Mounts
      Mobility/Transportation Possibilities
      Mount System
      Taming Overview

      Guild Creation
      Party System
      Chat System

      Honor System
      RvR Overview
      Governor System
      Battle for Territories (I guess)

      Abyss of Nightmares

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    • I'd be more interested in information of an English patch since ... I don't speak Korean and I'm impatient. But I'm also curious to know more about guilds, party system, how xp is affected in parties (will two people killing once monster get equal xp, will dungeon groups get equal xp, etc;), questing information (if I'm doing a kill quest with a partner do kills count for both of us? Or is it all solo play), that sort of thing.

      Skills might change names or effects depending on what needs to be nerfed or what works with/against something else ... but the xp/party/dungeon information is more important to me, personally. Since I party with another person we'd need to know how/if the party stuff works.

      I hate games that say you can party, but you get neither a benefit or even credit for sharing quests/kills/etc.

      Edit: Spelling.
    • well I personally do not have that much experiences with eng. patches or patching korean clients in general since they operate slightly different.

      If anyone is interested in making that patch I can assist with the cbt2 files as well as translating things. It's just that the koreans tend to patch really much and always redo the patch is a pain in the ass, haha. Well any way I'll see what I can do.

      For the translation I think I'll try to cover the major things. Like skills, the social aspects, and so on. Maybe mounts&taming. So that we have at least a slight glimpse what to expect. And what to skill if you want to go for priest instead of paladin.

      about the social groups. I personally think it will remain like most games. The exp will get distributed along the people

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    • tamberleigh wrote:


      well I'll do that tomorrow. I'm already done with the Skill System in General. At least I now know how these things work.

      Anyway I will postpone the skill system till I finished all skills, core skills and such things.

      Guild, Party and Chatting is 40%

      Mobility & Mounts about 20%

      Was a good day today! I just fear to implement every single skill icon and image into this forum. Soooo much work!

      I just have to say that the game is getting more and more interesting the more I know!
    • Yeah, I would love to know everything about mounts as well.

      Alongside races and classes, mounts are also a core of a game for me.
      It is the 3rd major "lovely thing" that a game attracts me <3 hehehe.

      Nito, thank you a lot for your time and effort to keep us up to date, I appreciate it.
      Dedication like these should be praised :D
      Keep up the good work :P
      <3 Bunnies Forever <3

    • Ganon wrote:

      I love how it never doesn't translates for me.... is their a way to do it manually

      open the guide you want and copy & paste the content into a translator manually. That's what I've been doing lately. Of course I'm polishing the translation a bit since word by word translations are not that good. But it works that way.

      It's really annoying that google translate doesn't recognize the content.

      the translators I'm using mainly are
      • google translate for the wall of texts
      • babylon translate for specific words
      ​To me google translate is good but often misses out links between words like tree - fall - apple and not apple falling from a tree or w.e.
      babylon is better with linking the words together forming a sentence but it also fails to get the content right.
      Basically I'm going for both translators and then compare both translations and merge it into one.

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