Game stuck on title screen

  • Can't get past the title screen. I've already tried disabling my anti virus and I am not going to disable my firewall. I will open additional ports though if that will help, I just need to know what ports to open if that's the case. I also already rebooted my computer and reinstalled 2x.

    I can't post a picture because you're 1MB restriction is absolutely ridiculous -_-

  • well all the time iv waited to play this and im stuck on the title screen, tried changing resolution, tried setting as admin and nothing worked anyone got anymore work rounds that i can try?

  • just tried that, didn't do anything sadly. tried setting it to run as admin and then changing to compatibility - windows 8 as was suggested in a similar thread, nothin, I'm pretty sure it's just the servers atm, I imagine there's a cap on the number of people allowed in at once or something

    edit : remember too that they're only one server per region, so having BW problems or something isn't at all unreasonable.

  • The thing that worked for me was to set my game to a lower resolution and full screen. Might seem stupid but that worked for me.

  • well all the time iv waited to play this and im stuck on the title screen, tried changing resolution, tried setting as admin and nothing worked anyone got anymore work rounds that i can try?

    Yep! one suggestion...If this issue doesn't get corrected within a couple more hours...start demanding refunds...I mean after all we paid good money for early access etc. And we are not getting that.

    I am going out to grab lunch and if it's not fixed by time i get back I will more than likely demand a refund...

    I mean they new the hype and should have planned for all this....

    I might purchase the regular copy later (Mind you at a cheaper price) if they fix all this mumbo jumbo with loading screens etc. I just don't see any reason of letting them keep my money for early access if I can't early access...

    but then again I also spent many many years in the military and I have a really LOW tolerance for stupid and lack of planning.

  • Then you should probably look for another game honestly DarkKnight.

    Expecting the game to be released with no problems not even 2-3 hours after its "official" early launch is silly. and expecting it to be fixed in a few hours is also silly. they can't just drop what they're doing and look for a fix for your specific problem, most likely they wait and see if a problem is happening to enough people, and if it is then they address it, otherwise you will most likely have to experiment with things until you get something that works. Stop being entitled, we all paid, we all are frustrated that we can't get in, but raising the pitchforks when they most likely KNOW there are problems already, and are actively working on it, isn't going to do anything.

    further more, stuff like that just gets people angry and threads closed due to off topic stuff. if you don't have anything to contribute please don't post.

    That aside, I tried opening it in windowed Bolton and still no luck

  • Just got this notification off twitter

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: We will be conducting an emergency maintenance. Start time: 13:00 PDT/22:00 CEST. The expected duration of maintenance is about 1 hour. We will be adding new servers and investigating the loading splash screen issue. Thank you for your patience!

  • From the Steam Community page....worked for me

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    Originally posted by Malfury:
    My Fix

    1. Turn off Steam.

    2. Navigate to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Bless Online\Engine\Config

    3. Open BaseSystemSettings

    4. Search for "ResX" and "ResY"

    5. Change it to your NATIVE RESOLUTION. (ex. If your monitor is 3840x2160, ResX=3840 ResY=2160.)

    6. Navigate to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Bless Online\Launcher

    7. Open the BlessLauncher and DO NOT TOUCH ANY OTHER SETTINGS.

    8. Press the red shiny button and enjoy.