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  • Hi i got a Problem... i made the Quest Dangerous Alliance and i killed the 2 Q Mobs "Roughclaw Chieftains…. after that i registered that my inv. is full. So no Items and Mobs are gone and done respawn again. i cant talk to that spawned Chest. Retry on Q guide isnt possible also.... Got any idea how to fix this?
  • hi there, is there any possibility to tranfer the character from 1 Server to the other? im rly bored of Hours of w8ingtime on Physis, there is no Chance to get on Server within under 2 Hours....
  • Hi Bolton,

    Can you help me locate to change to action mode?... I have to hold down my mouse button to move the camera.... my settings are different than my friend's... do I need to reinstall?
  • I have just been informed that the system of enchantment is very complicated without any value
  • Can you tell me from what level of enchantment we can downgrade? On Bdo the enchant is safe until +17 to give you an idea.
  • ok ok nice :)
  • Ok ok ty. I hope it will not scare the community
  • Hello,
    Could you tell me if the stuff enchantment will be as RNG as BDO?
  • If anyone has any questions about Bless Online, please feel free to message me and I will assist to the best of my ability!