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True or not?

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    • True or not?

      GOODBYE BLESS ONLINE! Aeria Games Announces Bless Cancellation!

      No matter really,It reminds me of EOS and a few other games that's all ready here in the north in english.What's the big fuss over this game anyways?I seen a few vids they look no different then few of the games that we all ready have.I was just hoping to see something new and is a big let down after all. ;( :whistling:

      And may I ask why "Donations" are up if the game is not available?There's not even a english client for the game.

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    • Indeed Aeria Games has droped the contract with Neowiz, but Neowiz sait they will publish the game in EU/NA by themself, so it will came ot sooner ot later :)

      Don't worry it's not dead !

      Check the Bless Companion HERE

      It can be long to load, don't worry refresh and it will be okay :)

      Help me to improve the companion, check HERE for details

    • Bless is far from dead.

      Neowiz still wants to release the game in EU/NA even if Aeria Games will not publish it.

      Did you heard of Rebuild? It's basically a test server for the new features and mechanics.
      The Rebuild Server is getting two updates (aka one huge update separate in two smaller ones) on September 7th and September 14th respectively, so it's far from being dead!

      Bless Online : Rebuild will feature basically a whole new game once it gets more updates, so stay tuned!
      Once Rebuild will be finished, all of it's updates will come to the other servers and Neowiz should start announcing Bless in EU/NA by this time.
    • Aeria is an awful company anyway, so we should count ourselves lucky. As for what's special about Bless? Well, I can't speak for others, but I like the more western feel of the game that many Asian mmos do not have. I like that you can be any race or gender with any class, and that they are not tied to the class you choose. I like that there are real dungeons instead of the just go somewhere and kill waves of mobs things that seem to be popular in a lot of other mmos lately. I like that the story so far. I like the music. So many things. Of course, games are games. What attracts one may not intrigue another. Bless might not appear special to you, but it does appear special to many of us.

      As for the donations... that is an optional thing we can do to help with the costs of running this particular fan site. It has nothing to do with the game.
    • It is good news that Neowiz will publish the game themselves, but aren't you guys a bit concerned that there isn't a single western publisher that wants to touch this game? Doesn't that ring alarm bells? Bless is pretty much the only MMORPG I'm looking forward to but I have to say things aren't looking too good. It will take quite a long time for the rebuild version to be complete and by that time the game will be far too outdated.