Uncle Sam said "I Need YOU !"

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    • Uncle Sam said "I Need YOU !"

      Hello everyone, I'm back because I need your help for a future update of the Bless Interactive Map project.

      (Active subtitles please cause i've made the video in french and added subtitles with youtube)

      As you can see I would like to add a huge update to the map and made a standalone version of the map (wich run way better that the online map)
      But I need your help to this update
      I need
      • The maps of all the dungeons (unpacked from the game or screenshoted from the minimap in game)
      • The boss positions on the maps
      • The strategies of the bosses
      • The loots of the boss
      • A screenshot of the boss and one of a view inside the dungeon (to design the sections)
      • The Skills Description (with icons visible) event a fullscreen is good i'll crop it myself)

      Use screenshot for the loot that should be good

      I really want to add this awesome feature but I can't get all the screenshots alone, please help me to gather everithing I need and you'l get a codex of all the dungeons :)

      I have unpacked some minimaps if that can help somebody (.tga files) downloadable here

      Check the Bless Companion HERE

      It can be long to load, don't worry refresh and it will be okay :)

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    • whats different on your Gathering map compared to the one already out there with all the colors ?

      also, u can post the video but i reckon that most here dont understand french so kinda hard to hear what ur saying :D

      other then that i like what ur making, keep up the good work :thumbsup: :thumbup:
    • the difference is the markers are togglables so you can only show the ressources you search. For the video I've added subtitles with youtube so you can understand what's said inside :) (I'll set the subtitle message a bit bigger to be viewable)
      Check the Bless Companion HERE

      It can be long to load, don't worry refresh and it will be okay :)

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    • I've started to work on the v0.0.0.3 and tested the dungeon map feature from the tga i've unpacked, all the interface is an ealy test so it will not look like this ;)

      Edit : Some progress on the map this is a test for the dungeon interface of the mine dungeon

      Check the Bless Companion HERE

      It can be long to load, don't worry refresh and it will be okay :)

      Help me to improve the companion, check HERE for details

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    • You also could use some skills translation fixes :) I dared to do it for you based on Guardian skills as I play him and it would be nice to get them right in companion app.

      During the translation I assumed that "detriment" indicates "Ignores defence", also I translated directly from Google Translate kind of english that currently exists in the game (and companion) to the English language that can be understood by a human being and I didn't confirm anywhere if the description matches 100% of what the skills does. It is just an English => English interpretation that just makes sense for me.
      I also pasted some parts of the original translation when I was not able to figure out the meaning of original sentence to minimise the chance of wrong interpretation.

      Feel free to argue, comment and discuss my translation. I do not mind as long ad it will improve our knowledge and understanding of how the skills works in order to provide the best translation/interpretation possible.

      Red = old description
      Green = my description

      Challenge: The enemy Provoking the high threat level is obtained. Other Payers use case, 2in a matter of seconds the guardian force attacking plays. The crowd control effects immune to a forces attack effect being applied does not.
      Challenge: Provoking the enemy. When used on another player force to attack the caster for 2 seconds. Immune to crowd control effects.

      Dash: The enemy Tackle 731of damage and high threat level will acquire a. Core technology [The Gladiator] which case [Take the leap] technology will change.
      Dash: Attack the enemy with 731 power and generates high threat. When [Gladiator] technology is used skill changes to [Leap]

      Exertion: 10 seconds while every 2 seconds the guardian Defense also has 3% rise, courage 1 apiece earning.
      Exertion: Increases defence by 3% and generates 1 courage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

      Indomitable Biff: The enemy Up to 1486of damage to their detriment. Currently Stamina is low, the more damage will increase. Have to courage to All - consuming and container - in accordance with the critical hit likely will be changed. Critical hit hit the reuse of the wait time is initialised
      Indomitable Biff: Attack the enemy with 1486 power. Ignores the defence. When target stamina is low the damage will increase. Consumes all courage and increases critical hit chance proportionally to consumed courage. Resets the cool down on critical hit.

      Mark: The guardians Velocity 5 seconds 20% will increase. The while the long range attacks for damage 50% reduction
      Mark: For 5 seconds increase the velocity by 20%. Reduces damage by range attacks by 50%

      Chopped up: The enemy 1168of damage in Radius
      Chopped up: Deals 1168 of damage to surrounding enemies.

      Defeated: The enemy 1231 of damage to the coated 30 seconds while the defence limit 5% reduced [armour destruction] effect will apply. [armour destruction] effect is up to 3 times a day will be nesting. Core technology [Vanguard] which case [every other chain] - [destroy] - [fracture] technology will change.
      Defeated: Attack the enemy with 1231 power. Does not ignore defence but applies [armour destruction] effect which reduces target defence by 5% for 30 seconds. Armour destruction effects stack up to 3 times. When using [Vanguard] core skill then [destroy] - [fracture] technology chain will change.

      Foot sword: The enemy 259 of damage Radius. [blow] hit: containers 1 to obtain.
      Foot sword: Attack surrounding enemies with 259 power. [blow] hit: regenerates 1 courage.

      Iron Ong province: 10 seconds while the defence by physical damage is absorbed. Additionally the guardian is located at the rear of the house of representatives the party defeated the attack. one of the 95% damage reduced the duration of the all or scheduling more than the damage brings defence focus will be turned off. defence focus of the movement speed by 25% reduction crowd control effects on immunity is.
      Iron Ong province: For 10 seconds absorbs the physical damage (of party members ?). Additionally when guardian is located at the rear of the party reduces 95% of
      the damage taken by party members. Removes all damage reduction effects. Reduces movement speed by 25%. Immune to crowd control effects.

      Of encouragement A shout: 10 seconds while the radius of 20m the party house of representatives health guardian maximum fitness 20% as long will increase
      Shout of encouragement: For 10 seconds increases maximum fitness (HP?) of all party members by 20% in 20m radius

      Quick defense: The enemy by attacking 966of damage to their detriment. The following 10 seconds guardian shield defence odds greatly will increase. The effect is 1 times shield defense succeed it disappear.
      Quick defence: Attack the enemy with 966 power. Ignores defence. For 10 seconds greatly increase shield block defence chance. The effect disappears after first successful shield block.

      Shield Bang: The enemy up to 1045of damage to their detriment. It holds courage all consuming. The consumed courage proportion to the damage will increase. Core technology [Vanguard] which case defense also proportional to the additional damage causing more and more.
      Shield Bang: Attacks the enemy with 1045 power. Ignores the defence. Consumes all courage. Increases damage accordingly to consumed courage. When core technology [Vanguard], [Guardian] is in use [Defence also proportional damage causing more and more].

      Shields Ollyo Chigi: The enemy 520of damage to the coated lofted in the air. I never public float, even though the enemy skill I can block you. [chopped] hit: containers 1 to obtain.
      Shields Ollyo Chigi: Attack the enemy with 520 power and lift the enemy in to the air. Can be blocked. [Chopped] hit: regenerates 1 courage.

      Shoulder stroke: On the left to shoulder the opponents struck by up to 502of damage to their detriment. It holds have the courage to both consume and consumed in the container in proportion to the damage this will increase. Core technology [Protector] is the case the guardians maximum physical strength proportional to the additional damage causing more and more.
      Shoulder stroke: Attack the enemies on the left with 502 power. Ignores defence. Consumes all courage and increases damage accordingly. When [Guardian] core technology is in use the damages increases proportionally to caster's physical strength

      Steadfastness will: 10 seconds while the attitude control effect on immunity and taking damage will absorb. Sustainability Time to die-or schedule or more damage brings the effect is turned off.
      Steadfastness will: For 10 seconds absorbs the damage and makes the caster immune to crowd control effects. When guardian take the damage that would normally kill him, or the effect time's out removes the effect.

      Rendez vous: Radius 15m in my hostels in party circled the guardian’s location attracts arrives. Since 10 seconds while the party receiving 20% damage reduction.
      Rendez vous: Increase threat to all enemies in 15m radius and reduces the damage taken by party members by 20%

      Shield Gust of wind: Distance the enemy 269of damage arcane, high threat level obtained.
      Shield Gust of wind: Attack the enemy with 269 power. Greatly increase threat.

      Shield price: The enemy 691of damage to their detriment. Additionally in the next 5 seconds the courage to all the attacks you can use 10% damage will increase.
      Shield price: Attack the enemy with 691 power. Ignores the defence. During the next 5 seconds increase the courage damage bonus by 10%.

      Spirit: 10 seconds while the guardians battle power 10% increase and immediately the courage to 3 you will acquire.

      Spirit: Increases attack power by 10% for 10 seconds and regenerates 3 courage.

      Take control: Radius 5.5m within the to 538of the damage coated, 4 seconds stun breaks.

      Take control: Attack the enemies in 5.5m radius with 538 power. Does not ignore defence. 4 seconds stun breaks.

      The bottom of the slash: In harmony with the enemies of the legs bear 664of damage arcane and beyond the trip has.

      The bottom slash: Hit enemies legs with 664 power.

      I will keep doing this but I will only post my work on this forum if I will see that it actually help someone :) So my next character to translate/interpret the skills is archer.
    • Thanks for all the time you take to post all these translations, I'll use them for the skill builder :)

      You'r awesome ! :blessthumb:
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      It can be long to load, don't worry refresh and it will be okay :)

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    • Zeddicus40 wrote:

      Thanks for all the time you take to post all these translations, I'll use them for the skill builder :)
      Hey. Actually I wasted my time :D Let me explain :)

      Today I found this website (Korean language). When I open it in Google Chrome with Google Translate turned on then as soon as I hover over the skill GT is translating the text like a fucking pro.

      So actually Google Translate (when translating from Korean) can do amazing work here for you :) And gives you much more descriptive translation than I did during 1h translation process :D hehe

    • I found this website some days ago, and I've used it for filter the paladins skills (passives etc). For the description, I was thinking using it at least for a first shot, then when the EU/NA version will came out, i'll correct everything with a proper official translation.

      But thanks for the link it's an usefull page for a lot of informations ;)
      Check the Bless Companion HERE

      It can be long to load, don't worry refresh and it will be okay :)

      Help me to improve the companion, check HERE for details