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Why is this game so anti-social?

  • Other than the non-stop pissing matches between various millennials who can't check the real life baggage at the door, I'm trying to engage the people in the chat channels, find groups, ask questions, etc... Literally no responses. Zero.

    Even Warcraft isn't this unfriendly.

    Am I just on a bad server or something?

  • The new MMO scene these days is filled with the dregs of real life society, weaboos, white knights, and the minority of people who actually want to play to let off steam/progress/compete.

    I'd wager it's filled with 50% 13-23 year olds, 30% 24-32 year olds, 10% 33-44 year olds and 10% 45 and older.

    You just need to go to each new games discord to see how toxic the MMO community has become. You have guilds who abuse and take advantage of their members to benefit themselves, people who go out of their way to steal all their guilds items to sell for real cash, and guilds who claim to be a part of a bigger alliance to better market themselves to recruits, all the while this is turning those newcomers into toxic wannabe elitists who have no clue about any of the games they play.

    Most people these days will just google first MMO and say they played it, ask them any question about it and itll take em 5 minutes to reply while they google that question, most of the time coming back and abusing/trolling you cause you gave them a trick question.

    It isn't the server you're on man, it's the community as a majority that is the problem with MMOs today.

    Try FFXIV or GW2 if you want some of the best community based MMOs.