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14k gearscore, 500 hours.. Why I quit Bless.

  • I have the perfect toon, not big noting, just worked my ass off for it.. Stats are as follows.
    22khp/8k Phys def/1k Mag def/58.5% block/33.5% dodge. This was in 4/7 grudge and 3/7 blue 37 gear, with Magnificent sword/shield.

    I state this here, so people aren't like oh you're a noob you didn't play the game to it's fullest.

    I quit Bless for many reasons but 2 stand out.
    1. The constant lying from the development team, every promise they made they have gone back on and will continue to do so.
    2. The allowance of exploiters, hackers, dupers to run rampant for so long without punishment.
    Honorable mention - The sale and distribution of INI modded clients that have been let loose allowing players to have unlimited currency, insane stats, and clip dodge capabilities all without being traceable. Neowiz can and will not be able to recover from this. (I spoke to a person who bought one of these clients in week 1 and hasn't been caught, they showed me screenshots of their stats and inventory and told me 400+ modded clients are in circulation and being used.)

    The only thing that will get me to come back to Bless is if they do a wipe before real release in a few Months. If you're smart, you won't invest as much time as I did before you realize how much of a crash and burn this game is.

    Have a good day all!

  • I can't say much because the game isn't out of early access yet, but I do understand ya. I don't like the fact they can't mail my alts costumes I purchased on main toon. That route right there is the smell of money grub and if they want to grab an audience. They'll have to fix that up along with others problems the community giving them feedback on.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, uh... hammer!


    I don't get Yordles. Too fluffy.

  • Given game is in latest stage of development, performance tuning and so on, from a development perspective is "ok" to allow as many clients as possible to help tune things up for primetime.

    Of course no one likeshackers, cheaters, bots etc etc.. but hopefully - and like op says in end of his/her post hopefully there will be a wipe broad ban to clear out things.. so for now and being myself a complete "just bought" the game but.. wanted to share my thoughts thats theres good and bad and both needed but only on pre-production stages :D


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  • This game joins Blade and Soul as the only 2 MMO's in history I've been unable to stay long enough to get a toon to max level. And I've played every MMO since Meridian 59.

    Terrible. So pissed I dropped $70 without knowing more about it. Definitely won't ever make that mistake again.

  • When they said they were not beta testing the game they lost me. From what i have read about the game it is a beta. Even though many told be it didn't need to be beta tested. Sounds to me like it needed it and much more. You can't make huge code changes like they did to the combat system and other systems in the game and not beta test it to flush out the inevitable bugs the changes will create. I have never paid to beta test a game and never will. And this early access is nothing but a paid beta test. I will continue to keep track of the game and see what condition it is in for the official release and decide then if i think it is worth playing and putting money into.

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