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waste of money and time

  • RIP habicht server. is there any GM's monitoring player population here, how come you say the server is "Fine" when less than 50 people playing in this server, cant even form a party to run high level dungeon,

    this server is ghost town already 2-3 people in town, you cant even finish the daily emote cause of poor population,

  • Fine means low or no pop. We moved to Tanara and remade our characters once I realized that the game's population would dwindle for a bit. Hoping they merge servers and/or go back to a mega server idea with multiple channels.

  • nope, i already waste my money buying this trial and error game, 1st week they nerf all the damage of all class, its been release in RU and several months to develop this game and after few days of early access they change the dmg of classes ,hahaha! this game is great but the Dev's is **** so i will not waste my time for this one, btw gl to you