Adversting (Guests only)

FEL A union physis PvPvE guild

  • FEL is open for recruitment!

    We are a EU, Union based, guild on the physis server we will focus on both PvP and PvE content. The goal of the guild is to build a community where people have fun and enjoy the game together and be a competitive guild.

    What we offer:

    Currently we are a level 5 guild very soon to reach level 6, which means plenty of benefits to our guild members. We plan to Level up quickly to stay competitive and give you the best bonus for your daily game-play as possible. Currently we have around 45 players, quite a few being or soon reaching max level therefore we do not lack in expertise in this game, we answer lots of questions of our guild members daily providing as much help as we can. We have a full resource page on our discord with the latest guides and general help resources to help you out. We commit to doing daily hunt raids, turban runs and end-game dungeons. We make sure to not leave people behind as we want all our guild members to progress and have fun!

    What we expect:

    Currently we are looking for active, English speaking members, preferably level 30 or above. Being inactive without a reason given will unfortunately mean a kick, however if you don't plan on leaving the game it can easily be avoided by providing a reason for your absence. Hunt raid parties are not mandatory, however you are expected to attend as it will net you plenty of DP and help us level up the guild for the benefit of all. Other than that our guild members can take a joke, however we ask you to be mindful of others and not to be malicious.

    You can join us either by whispering the guild leader or recruiters in-game, or join the buffer recruitment discord where you will have a chat with either the leader or a recruiter, to find out more about the guild and see if it's a place for you. I hope we see you there!

    Recruitment Discord: