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Deleted character

  • Hey bless community !

    I'm kinda frustrated to be honest ! Yesterday night, I was showing the game to a friend, all went smooth and nice. He wanted to try the creation of a character, which i didn t have any objection since i only got one character that I play with. The problem is, when he was done, instead of clicking on "off" button, this dumb *** clicked on delete and confirmed it, so as as it goes, i only have his character in my menu. I made a ticket in the following hour but didn't have any answer yet. So my questions are 1/ Does it usually take long before getting an answer ? and 2/ Can i get my character back ?

    PS: english is not my first language so, if it's hard to understand feel free to answer on the thread and I ll try to answer !

  • I have a friend who did a similar thing, accidentally deleted his character trying to delete an alt. In his case, at least, they restored his character. So, I would say chances are good you should be able to get yours back as well.

  • Right now the official support teams are extremely behind on tickets. I haven't received a response yet on my ticket I posted 9 days ago. As for accidental character deletions... they might have some form of temporary storage for deleted saves, but there is no way they hold all deleted characters permanently. They can't afford servers to do that, and since it might take them a while to respond... I don't think they'll be able to help. ...... That is why they have the confirm button... all though I won't scold anyone for auto confirming since I do that too >.<

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