Adversting (Guests only)

Un-Official Oceanic Server

  • Hi all,

    Given server character creation lock outs it has been revealed that the OCE and SEA server population is spread across many servers., these include;

    A heavily populated Union faction on Sforza
    A heavily populated Herion faction on [NA] Lilyanthes and [NA] Chinuwa

    It would be fantastic to bring together the remaining oceanic players on one server were there are already established guilds on both sides, however this is not the case.

    I thought I would create a discord and post an un-official SEA server to bring us all together.
    Its early access and this limits players ability to transfer due to founders items
    Here is a link on how to transfer founders pack items -…rring-Founders-Pack-Items

    Progress can always be re-created especially since the game has not been out for a week:

    While I only represent a small guild, MRP. It would be really great if guilds who are active in the SEA and Oceanic region could support this discord. I understand if guilds have already chosen servers, I hope to organise a sole server to promote before the first week.

    Here is a link to the discord, mainly used to find information and rally players, feel free to use it as need be.

    IF you have any questions, respond here or message me, I am happy to talk plans and ideas on how to promote this server.
    See you all on the battlefield!

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • At this point is there any reason to play anywhere other than Tanara.

    You can transfer most items and gear via the auction house between servers.

    It only takes a few hours farming to push your crafting back up to expert, and with the repack of founders gear etc there is no reason not to reroll onto the only active server.

    Yes it sucks to re-level but its still early in the game and you can hit 45 in a few days, plus you still have your character on whatever dead server you have been playing on which makes farming without much competition a massive bonus.

    Our whole guild made the call to reroll to Tanara a couple nights ago due to the lack of information regarding server merges/character transfers.

  • Personally I think the lack of communication about merges and transfers is due to a wipe they will be doing in the future. Even if they said they wouldnt, with whats happened to the Market and dupes/exploits it wouldn't surprise me.

  • For anybody thinking about rerolling, if you want to transfer your armor/resources simply log onto your current character and list everything you want to transfer on the market place at maximum price, then log onto your new character on the new server and withdraw your auctions straight away, this will allow you to transfer the items physically onto your new character. There is some risk that the items will be purchased but at max price its no great loss. You cannot directly transfer currency however you can purchase or bid on expensive items and then resell them to collect the money from the new server.

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • Our guild have rerolled to Union on Tanara, we are actively trying to level the guild to fit in more members but if you are in Australia/New Zealand and willing to jump in discord then just ask for PrimalFury in faction chat and hopefully someone will get back to you asap. If we can consolidate active oceanic players together then we might actually be able to throw together something to do in this game.

    AU/NZ guild recently rerolled to Union/Tanara looking for active players - ask for PrimalFury in faction.

  • For all of you re-rolling.. You made a bad call, low pop servers are good for uncontested hunt quests, rares, turbans, and elite farming.

    Come time, you would have gimped yourselves more in the long-run.. Good luck getting crafting materials from elites now :P