<AEGIS> [NA] [PvX] Recruiting for Early Access

  • Guild Name: Aegis

    Server: NA

    Faction: Hieron

    Guild Focus: PVX, End Game Intentions, Leveling, pretty much everything

    Looking for: HC to casual but anyone is welcome, just please keep it 18+

    Timezone: US EST-PST

    Raid Schedule: TBD

    Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AegisBless

    Website: (Under Construction)

    About Us:

    Adult community, focused on helping people level in the hopes of filling our Multiple end game progression teams and beyond. Bless guild created by experienced players looking to get a headstart prior to the EA launch. We tend to lean on the saying "Quality over Quantity", meaning we would rather run with 20 decent players that we know then 200+ people we don't know and refuse to learn.

    We have had chapters in WoW, GW2, Minecraft, LoL, and FFXIV. We also use to run in Archage, Rift, SWTOR, BDO ect. I am probably missing a few titles but you get the idea. We are a very diverse, yet experienced group of players.

    We are a very easy going bunch, but when the time comes, we get down and dirty. We are a 18+ mature guild (in age only). We don't care what class you play or how you plan to play it, just be effective with it. We use Discord to keep our members connected and informed. We are looking for like minded, EXPERIENCED players to bolster our ranks in all areas. Our membership hails from all over the globe, but the majority lives in North America, so our peak times range from 5pm EST to 2am PST. The only requirements we have is to use Discord while playing in groups and have fun.

    The multiple end game groups we are looking to fill will comprise of a couple HC team's which you will be expected to do your job and learn the raid pretty quickly. You will be held accountable and you should expect that with any HC group. You will not be pushing for world firsts(unless the group wants to try, but it's not expected), but the team will be looking to clear raids in a timely manner. The non-HC group's will be more of a casual/learning team's comprised of a few former HC raiders who just don't have the time to commit to HC raids anymore, life happens. These group's will expect to wipe a lot while learning the raids and will be considered casual raiding.

    Also PvP, just not sure if we will be structured PvP or just open world, but I mean it is a PvP based game, so yeah PvP of course, lol.

    Thank you, and I hope to see you all in game.


    Discord Contacts Madi#3262, Asch#4393 or Faith#6255 for more info

  • Devon we all already talk on Discord nonstop lol.

    We're not like some of these mega-guilds, we're tight knit and are investing in Bless LONG-TERM. Everyone on our roster is going to be playing Bless full-time!

    If you're bored and want to tear some content up get in here. Socials are welcome but we're looking for some serious killers! Hit us up!!

    Here, have a GM complimenting my realm first challenge mode transmog and a rank 1 damage log from when I raided top 10 US in WoW!

    LET'S GO, IF YOU PRAISE THE SUN YOU GO FRONT OF THE LINE :blesspassion::blesspassion::blesspassion:




  • We are adding great people everyday. Come join us and help build a great community. Active discord already and some playing on the jp server to get familiar with the game prior to EA.

  • Recruiting Guardians to tank for our dreams and skilled weebs to help bypass slant captchas

    We're also at our hot girl limit, guys we've just got too many hotties in here


    Stay away hotties, we're like, we're full up


  • Even though Asch had really bad not understood jokes and I have stories to heal insomnia, these guys and gal are pretty great and I really love getting to have them, and I'm excited to see where this goes, always looking for more people to share the time with

  • Get in on the ground floor, help us build a great community. We are starting our first guild contest in the coming days, yes thats right a pre-launch guild contest, with actual prizes.