Adversting (Guests only)

Also just saying hi/looking forward to bless

  • Sup guys, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the community. I have been following bless off and on now for what I think has been 6 months? I used to be a big GW 1 fan and was deeply disappointed in GW2 and heard about bless one day through googling upcoming mmos.

    So far what I have read about bless makes me greatly interested, and this might be the first time I am jumping into an mmo as it launches (at least for NA :saint:), which is pretty exciting.

    I am also interested in joining a small - medium sized guild, so here is my shameless self plug:

    1) Mostly interested in PvP (RVR looks/sounds pretty damn cool)

    2) Do enjoy PvE, but like to avoid PvX guilds

    3) NA eastern standard time

    4) over 21 y/o

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • Hey MuffinMan

    I too use google <X to search for mmo's. I know it's unbelievable right?

    Welcome and may your Bless hopes become a reality.

    lol yeah, its pretty terrible. I even tried downloading some MMO apps, and its just a no go. :( 

    thanks for the warm welcome!

    Welcome MuffinMan, GW2, ESO, WOW and Rifter here. also I hear Hieron is Gluten Intolerant so you are very welcome to join the Union ;-)

    lol of that list Rift was the only that held my attention for more than a week ;(....but you union you say? I will have to check it out, I havent dug into the factions yet.