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Zealots |NA|Competitive|PvPvE Focused|Gaming Community|



    About Zealots:

    Zealots is a very laid back community who can appreciate all kinds of gameplay form Casual, Roleplayers and even Hardcore gamers. There will be settings for all kinds. Personally I see myself a Hardcore PvPer that likes to Roleplay, I only play games with PvP in them. But we also have many people who enjoy the PvE aspects of the games we play more so, so we accommodate for those individuals as well.

    We have a serious ranking system that is strong but also constantly being improved as our community grows because we must constantly adapt it. We're about 150 members strong when I write this post and we hope to grow much much larger while keeping our roots and core values intact as we expand both in our current games and to new games abroad.

    Our Mission:

    *Be the best at what we do, this does not mean the largest, quality > quantity

    *Have a fun gaming experience

    *Meet new individuals who share our values and make new friendships

    *Engage in all the content Bless Online has to offer


    *Be a mature human, no age limits but maturity is taken seriously

    *Have a microphone and speak english - must have discord

    *Read and respect our community rules failure to do so will result in warnings then a ban

    *We require our members to stay active and if you must take a leave of absence let an officer or higher know

    *Apply on our community website - or join our discord first for a chat!

    Our discord:

    Thanks for reading!