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  • Hey Neoyoshi, I noticed you have an ArtStation link (although it doesn't work) in your signature. Do you find it's useful having an account there? I was always tempted to make one but it's kinda intimidating with the incredible work the pros have. xD
    • Oh hey there. I have an Art station profile but due to the level of professionalism there i've elected to not post anything there until i've filled out my portfolio.

      That's what Art Station really is, it's a place for Art portfolio's because it's the website Industry employers and film/game studios go to look for people to hire.

      So yes, i completely agree, because of that atmosphere, it's extremely intimidating, much more so then any other Art website i've been to. :)
    • And to answer your question, i sort of find it useful, (kinda) -having the account gives me e-mail alerts to various art job openings throughout the industry or in my area locally, so it can be useful.
  • Muffin head!
  • Yaay i am here, now i need to get back to work. (゚⊿゚)