Speculation Thread about the next Update

    • Speculation Thread about the next Update

      I believe it's gonna be a very big update that brings all the remaining classes and races, a levelcap raise, new regions and some new features. With this update Bless will probably leave it's Open Beta Status and will be considered as fully released. One of the new regions should be a snow region you can see in one video.
    • Well, there must be a levelcap rise. Just look at all the freegear from the events. End-Gear up to level 45, daily rewards for this month are tons of upgrade stones etc.
      They definitely want to prepare the players for new content.

      My guess is:
      Levelcap will be increased to 50-60
      Fedayin and Iblis Race
      Mystic Class
      Bugara Arba Jungle Region in the south
      Magos Basin and Ranis Rutil Region in the east
      Small areas in the middle west (Siren Area)
      Some new Dungeons and hopefully some important features we are still missing

      A theory about Sirens
      The story says:"The Siren’s racial home was destroyed by the eruption of an underwater volcano. A small group survived by taking refuge in a large ship and eventually washed ashore on the continent."

      Since we haven't seen any Sirens so far it's likely that this has not yet happened. I guess it will happen in the next update and we eventually see the first Sirens.
      This is also the reason why they are neutral. They've never been on this continent before.

      In the bigger update over the upcoming one they will probably add the Sirens as playable race along with the Warlock and the Snow Region which should come next winter.
    • We will 100% see a lvl cap raise, but the update bringing a snow area? idk, there are some semi-devolped areas with wrecked technology which fits 100% into the new dungeon they're adding with the panteras in those water tanks

      idk about the siren area getting an update, but who knows
      as for the race itself the lore says that but there are already siren npcs in the game, even in the union main city there's a room with representatives of each race and there's a siren representative (male)
      their ship can be seen along with their starting area in the far west of the map, past the canyons
      it's pretty much finished except some textures and of course npcs and furnishings to the land
      there's even an underwater tunnel to reach the lead siren/general since it's a giant throne room

      as for the ilbis and fedayin, they said they'd be released but who knows... it's so strange how they don't mention them anymore with the last 2 articles about the coming update
      only things they continue to mention (they made a new article of the update a few days ago) is that the mystic is coming
      the dungeons are coming, and new areas are going to be filled in
      and the new socketting system
    • Oh, never checked that area, nevermind then. Not really the explorer type.
      Well, the thing is all 3 Races have all required data for the character creation in the gamefiles. Guess the reason why they are not out yet is because the starter areas are not finished yet? Or they just don't want to release everything now.

      The areas you are talking about, are they in the far south or in the east?
    • the areas i'm referring to with the dungeon link-age? those are in the far south
      you can see destroyed labs and burned earth near some settlement camp next to the southern beach i think it's around that arba jungle you mentioned
      nev showed me all these secret places in the game

      the areas for the siren are far west past the grand canyon-esque place
    • Keep in mind that big game companies like Neowiz have different teams that work on different features each one and then they merge together all the work done.
      My guess is that they're focusing on missing races, classes and level cap until level 50, then there will be an expasion with lv 70 content
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