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PvE guide and rotation

  • Hello everyone. First need to apologize for my "perfect" english:(. Im a zerker from Daimon server DULO guild. Watch many guides for zerker and i make my own and want to share with you ppl.

    My curent stats:11k HP; 740 fighting power; 10.18% crit chance; 7,66% acseleration; acurasy rate 97%;

    Gear: mix from 37 lvl and 31 lvl blue gear enchant +0, 2 parts Valinat Crudge set( purple 45 lvl set) 45 lvl blue axe on +9

    Runes:3 Leopard;1 Bear;2 Lion; 1 Crow( its stupid Crow i know, buth no have item with better rune slot :( )

    Skill Enchant:

    Anger Tatcic: never see in other builds, i enchant 4 points on Anger Tatcit crit chance. Thats make my crit chance 19,18% for 5 sec with my Aceleration runes, i can make all 3 skill kombo for around 4,5 sec. 1 moment before buff disapear

    Brutal Smite - 4 points damage increase;Decapitate - 4 points damage increase;Cry of Anger-4 points CD; Ground 4 points dmg increase;

    Rampage Tactic: same like Anger- put 4 points on dmg increase-defence decrease for 5 sec. Thats make my Fighting power from 740 to 1110 for 5 sec (50% more dmg), with my Aceleration rune i can make agine all my 3 chain skills for around 4,5 sec;

    Decapitate -4points on dmg; Rumbling Ground - 4 points on dmg.

    My Rotation:first rotation: Rampage Tatcit- Assault( start with this to catch target first :) ) 1:Rumbling Ground; 2:Swift Demiset; 3: Rhapsody

    swich Anger Tactic:(got 50% more atack power for nex 5 sec from Rampage tactic swap) 4: Brutal Smite; 5:Rapid Slash; 6:Decapitate(Decapitate with 50% more power from stance swap + 80% more power from 6 chain= 130% more power ) with my 740 fighting power my bigest crit with paladin buf is 21k.

    second rotation: after finish this 6 chain start nex with 1: Cry of Anger; 2:Ground; 3:Earthshaker;

    swich to Rampage Tactic (got 9% crit chance from Anger tactic swap for 5 sec) 4: Assault; 5:Rapid Attack 6: Decapitate ( with 19.18% Crit chance from base stats and stances almost every Decapitate skill on this chain rotation make crit. )

    On Patala dungeon 3rd boss my party start hits male lizard , i start atack Fmale lizard( its stupid to run around after guardian and try make some hits :( ) When my 2 mages, or 1 mage 1 archer and guardian kill male Lizard, i left fmale lizard on 50-60k hp . Thats mean, 2 dps characters ( 2 mages or 1 mage 1 archer)+ guardian make 700k+ dmg to kill male Lizard(700k+ hp have male Lizard) i make 400k+ dmg solo for same time on fmale lizard(she have around 400k+ hp). And male lizard got debuf for more dmg when freeze after 10 staks poison.

    Tnx for read this post :)

    Maybe is not best build, buth for me work very well.

    Berserker: BamBam

    DULO guild

    Daimond Server

  • Its so diferet from your build. You use diferent combos, diferent enchant on skils , diferent Ability skils. And no see anyone to use corectly bufs from Stances. My build is bassed on Stances swap buffs.

    your combo: Y - Decapitate Hold 3 Charge; T4 +20%, 6 Combo +80%; 100% total (With Pally buff 125% Total Damage)

    my combo: Y- Decapitate Hold 3 charge; T4 + 20%, 6 Combo +80%; stance swap buf +50 %; total 150% ( With Pally buff 175% Total Damage)

    Today on last boss in Patala, with Delicious Spacy Griled Crap food and pet with 18 fighting power skill make 23,745 crit. ( and that with only 740 FP if i find item to change this Crow rune , and 1 Lion + 1 Leopard change with 3 Bear runes and make +10 stupid axe im sure crit can go maybe above then 25k )

  • No it's the same and you can't get up to 175% with pally buff. The Combo's go like this for increase 2 combo - 20% 3 Combo - 50% 4 combo 50% 6 combo 80% The percents don't add together like that. The % is just the combo your at for damage increase.

    My build also says SWAP which means stance swaps.


    The max pally buff you can get is 50% for 5 seconds which is a waste in PVE 30% for 25 seconds is a much better buff period for damage.

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • Enhanced all classes’ Chain Bonus.

    1 Chain
    2 Chain
    3 Chain
    4 Chain
    5 Chain
    6 Chain

    Previous damage increase

    Modified damage increase

    Thats mean all classes on 6 chain got 80% more dmg on skill. Yes you swap stances to, buth with your skill enchants your stance give you 30% more dmg when swap,my give me 50% more for 5 sec, if you no have some aceleration runes, you cant cast last 3 skills from 6 chain comb for this 5 second buf from swap stance.Thats mean you lose all stance swap buff for your last skill. For this my build have 50% more dmg on all 3 skills after swap you have 30% from stance only on first 2 skills after swap. Charging time on Decapitate is 2,7 sec without aceleration . Thats mean you have 2,3 sec to cast previous 2 skills to can got your 30% stance buff on your last skill. that is happen only on some perfect world :)

    And till now i thing Pally buff give you 25% more dmg, if is 30%( like you say, im not sure) thats make this Decapitate on 6 chain ( from 6 skill chain got 80% dmg buff, from swap stance got 50% more dmg buff, from enchant T4 got 20% more buff from pally got 30% more buff) you can calculate howmuch dmg buff got on my last skill ?

  • Also, you can't get off a 6 combo 3 charge decap with in 5 seconds. It's not a thing.

    for that i use 3 aceleration runes, to can cast all 3 skills for less then 5 sec :) I thing maybe 2 is enouth to, buth i got 3 parts with Leopard for that i use 3 aceleration runes. Tonight when i go on my second run in Patala and Migra , ill gona chek with 2 leopard runes, if 2 is enought to cast 3 skills for less 5 seconds thats gona be great.

  • After some test on elite mobs is posible to cast 3 chains with Decapitate skil for 5 second wit 2 aceleration rune, buth need to no have any delay. 3 runes is better. Tonight on Patala and Migra runs gona try to make some screen shot on 19-21k crits ( normal my crits with bufs is 19-21k, this 23k make only 1 time )

  • To put this down there is no bad and good build. And certainly you don’t have a better build mr crusty. He is trying his own way and maybe is decent for him. Acceleration doesn’t seem so bad I am not saying it works but looks interesting to test out

  • Adversting (Guests only)