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    [NA/Murabi] SwagSauce Recruiting Active Members!

    SwagSauce is recruiting active members!

    Current Level: 3

    Goal Level: 8

    - Hieron Faction

    - Looking for core players, semi-focused and dedicated to endgame at your own pace.

    - PVP/PVE

    - Ages 21+

    - Small guild, but team-oriented. Structured. Friendly and helpful, with no handholding. If someone messes with you during PVP, we come to help you out. We lookout for our own.

    - We're looking for active members, who will help us grow and help us level our guild. People who are willing to listen and follow instruction.

    - Discord available and a must.

    - Training available if you wish.

    - Scheduled events. (Such as raid hunts, dungeon runs, etc) Discord mandatory during events.

    - Any class welcome!

    - Any level welcome!

    - We share loot fairly from dungeon runs! No greedy nerds here!

    - Men and women both welcome! No matter who what where when how you are! We don't discriminate and put up with hate here!

    We expect our members to have fun and have a sense of humor, but also be mature. Don't be creepin' or be sleazy toward our fellow guild members. We want both ladies and gentleman to feel safe in our enviornment without worry if someone is gonna harass them.

    You must also feel comfortable with being on stream (granted a smaller stream but still. If you're not comfortable with being on stream then this is not the guild for you.)


    Q: Why the name SwagSauce?

    A: We wanted something light-hearted and fun, trolly. But rest assure, we're not hardcore trolls. We do stuff legit and play serious, while having fun.

    Q: How active is your guild?

    A: We have about 10-15 active members. Officers are available and are easy to contact via Discord. Most of our members are level 30-45.

    Q: Are alts allowed?

    A: Yes, in time if you prove to be an active member, you can add an alt to the guild as long as you plan to play it.

    Q: If I need help doing a quest, will someone help?

    A: Yes, if you need help running a dungeon and defeating a boss (for example, defeating the lich king, we will help you)

    Q: If a group from the opposing faction is constantly killing me or ganging up on me, will you help?

    A: Yes, absolutely. Come into discord and tell us someone is messing with you, provide location so we can get to you and put a stop to it. We look out for our own.


    Ganx (GANX_OKG on Twitch, GANX on steam & in-game)

    KarlaDoom (Karladoom_okg on Twitch, Scar in game)


    boxofevilbeauty (boxofevilbeauty on Twitch & steam)



    Lazo (Holyz in game)

    Ruffus (AxleThunder in game, NorthernAssassins on Twitch)

    Interested? Leave a comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Or stop by ganx_okg's stream at 5PM central time! Let us know you came from here!