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    IRL Name: Hikari Tsu Kiyama

    Age: 48

    Location: Southern Okinawa

    Class: Assassin (teleports behind you)

    Hobbies: Long walks on the beach, Sakura tea leaves, osmosis

    My Backstory:

    Your example of weak characters winning against powerful ones is irrelevant here because, like I said, Malfurion has shown the superior feats. Malfurion has shown to be far more powerful than Saurfang has ever shown. There's nothing of "weak beating the powerful" here. You're blatantly choosing to ignore Malfurion's power just because you want to make a point you refuse to back up.

    World's best warrior. Cute. Title is not a point. Malfurion's the world's strongest Druid. The only one who made Ysera think is too important to fall now, the one who made Archimonde retreat, the one who prevented Darkshore from falling apart with a spell and the one who made Azshara avoid a direct confrontation against. Azshara, of all people.

    Tell me why I should believe Saurfang can top that. Because as of now, Saurfang has proven to be an ant in comparison to what Malfurion has done.

    He's powerful, yeah. But not Malfurion's level. Not even close. And you haven't given me any reason other than an assumption that's been proven wrong by history (Malfurion's power) and a comparison with another Orc who's not Saurfang fueled by something Saurfang doesn't have here.