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    Of course it doesn't have to be your account name. That would be just silly if that was the case and would jeopardize the security of your account. Additionally I don't see why you couldn't hold names. As for renaming, I don't think we have specifics on that yet.

    Specifically I meant, if my account name is "Paladin" and I try to make a character named "Paladin," will the UI tell me that's not allowed. Some games are picky like that.

    How are character names typically handled?

    - Does a character name have to be different from your account name?

    - Can names be "held" by alts, then be made immediately available by deleting the alt later?

    - Can characters be renamed later?

    In case anyone is curious, found out you can transfer gems to other players by clicking on them, clicking the "user" icon (the person-shaped one next to the search button) and clicking "transfer."

    As a career healer, when someone is objectively awful, typically the group I'm in votes to kick them before I ever think to. If they're being toxic to me specifically, I usually just mock them and quit. It's their queue time, not mine.

    ESO's vote to kick is pretty nice, honestly. Requires unanimous vote, and the target is unaware of the vote taking place unless it passes. Keeps drama down.

    But by far the best solution to healer abuse is to just queue with friends or guildmates and avoid pugging altogether. :'V

    Having not played, sorry if any of this is already planned or implemented.

    - Hidden lore (ie, constructed languages, simple cyphers etc. that can be studied IRL)

    - Songcrafting (.mml or .abc etc)

    - Uncensored option

    - Tattoo/vehicular design utility (maybe a cash shop item, finalizing a design sends it in for review, rejection for obvious TOS breach consumes the item regardless)

    Yeah yeah, that probably sounds pathetic, but I'm afraid I'm kind of a hands-on learner...

    If any healer's played other regions and plans on hopping into NA, mind taking an under-study? I can follow written guides to some extent, but I'd rather see someone at work and learn firsthand.

    Hands down my favorite music comes from NieR. Most of it is written in a language that cannot be translated and is notoriously difficult (but fun) to sing.

    Va11 Hall-A is... bizarre. Amazing 1980's cyberpunk campiness with beautiful synthwave, chiptune and glitch tracks.

    Dark Souls has some of the most evocative, painful music I've ever heard. Fitting...

    If you haven't played Chrono Trigger, it's a relic from happier times.

    The Ace Combat series has always had amazing... if unfitting, music. 5's orchestral pieces are among the best in the series.

    I've hunted around for this a bit, and it's going to be a major selling point as to whether or not I bother with a Founder's Pack. I've seen staff in various sources vaguely talk down on RNG loot boxes and the like, but never point blank denounce them. So I'm going to ask it in black and white.

    Will Bless Online NA feature chance-based, real-currency-dependent purchases?


    An old gaming community of mine is... insisting rather strongly to check this game out. Been burned by MMO's of this nature; afraid that's made me a bit of a cynic. Still, I'm told "this one is different, they're not making the same mistakes," so I guess I'll be cautiously optimistic and do some research.

    So far from what I can tell by the signup sheet disclaimers, you're pretty big on transparency (which is... atypical), so that's a pretty big green flag. Also found a claim that RNG lootboxes aren't going to be a thing. I'd like to express my thoughts on this claim, but I think that might break forum TOS's negativity clause. :V If it's true, that's a pretty big plus. Don't quite understand the implied PVP-only model, but I'm guessing there's controls of some sort in place.

    Suppose I'll poke around a bit. Bless,