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    No dungeon entrance, skill reset buyable with gold. Cosmetics in the premium membership.

    This was nice to hear.

    While in a perfect world I'd like to believe you... I don't believe them for a second about premium membership being only cosmetic. If it was, you would have very few people that would care to buy it and that's the opposite of what they want which is: money.

    At the end of the day they are here to make money on a title that has been bleeding them in development costs and failed region launches. That means monetizing the game here properly is a key priority so their business survives future titles.

    Here's what scares me:

    1) The comparisons I have seen by dev decisions when you look at BDO like 30% marketplace tax but including a wipe of that tax via premium in other markets like JP (value pack anyone?).

    2) No CLEAR list of what *exactly* is going to be included in premium membership because "it has not been finalized yet" (but just 2 weeks before early access?).

    3) Calling the game B2P but injecting a veiled monthly sub that will likely include huge "convenience" items that will be hard to play without.

    And don't get me wrong here.. I don't give a shit about $15 bucks a month. What I do care about, however, is that they're transparent from the get-go about it. The moment you have players getting a whiff of P2W after a company promised they wouldn't do that? Guess what happens...


    Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what the base price of the game is because everyone is now going to fixate 100% on the $200 price tag and THAT is what's going to spread all around the gaming communities.

    If they had a shred of marketing prowess they would have made the absolute max price set at 100 bucks and get their extra money from quality content in the cash shop. Examples of other companies that did it right like GGG and ArenaNET for monetizing their game.

    If they made the best founder pack $100 they would have sold a hell of a lot more of them overall because the amount of people willing to spend $200 is going to be far, far less.



    FML is accepting applications for Bless Online on the Tanara server. Union.

    Who is FML? Read our site for some laughs at Contact me with any questions at Proto#0420 on Discord!




    We are players of MMO's since back in the UO days, long time members that arose from the ashes of a zerg and your dead uncle. We actually focus on endgame progression pretty hard, yet somehow we still act like pants on head retards. We have had a 89.587% success rate in most endgame endeavors from holding castles in ArcheAge for over a year with our credit cardu's to butt-fucking other guilds in Black Desert while shitposting about the lack of black stones on the MP. We have folks from all over the planet such as:



    Manchester united

    A car

    Some guy in a hat

    uɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ uǝʌǝ puɐ

    So if you have what it takes...apply today!

    "But Proto, What can FML offer me!?"

    Well, for starters, we will probably be ahead of the power curve for most shit—cuz that's how we do it. We will probably have the best crafters if that's an actual thing because it is but we can't trade so who gives a fuck? We are going to be a dominant force in PVP, because that's usually how we get our rocks off. You will have a thicker skin and also have more fucking fun than you ever thought you could playing what is probably considered a dying genre of vidya gamez.

    --We offer serious debates like which country has the best pizza (it's not Australia)

    --Why does panda get all the fucking loot?

    --How is Proto still alive, I assume he is cloning himself like in Altered Carbon

    --Do you watch the Expanse (fuck SyFy for cancelling it)?

    -Additionally we have actual females that play video games with us, and they aren't shit faces.

    -Sometimes we'll do sound boards of our resident Mexican: Evilaxel.

    -We offer TeamSpeak and Discord and some new shit we're always trying out.

    So if you think you have what it takes to have a grand ole' time and you appreciate mustaches and like looking at anime porn (but not as much anime porn as Baka) COME ON DOWN AND APPLY. You'll probably get rejected but it'll be super worth anyway cause you'll leave knowing that you at least attempted it!

    DISCLAMIER: the views and opinions expressed in this recruitment post do not reflect the views and opinions of the group of individuals collectively known as FML. The original author of this pure autism was written by Shepardg who has not been playing vidya games with FML in about 6 months, and does not know we are taking this game seriously. Furthermore, ShepardG has not actually looked into what takes place in Bless Online, or even how the game looks, but he is pretty sure it's gonna be P2W some how, and he's o.k. with that BECAUSE: KOREAN GAYME. Additionally, by allowing this post to remain all mods will forsake all mod powers to any of Shepardg's future post in this forum for the remainder of time in this causality. Thank you and have a Blessed day.